Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources

Are you considering a future in Human Resources Management, Organizational Consulting, and Industrial Relations? In the OBHR option you’ll gain an understanding of the fundamentals of business, general knowledge of all the business options, as well as a range of management and consulting skills.

Am I the right fit for this option?

For a career following this option, it helps to be good with people and to have great organizational skills. You’ll need an ability to switch gears quickly (for example, from administrator to counselor to negotiator) and good judgment.

Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources option course requirements

If you are interested in the OBHR option you must complete COMM 203 - Managing the Employment Relationship by Term 1 of Year 3. In Years 3 and 4, you will specialize in one of two tracks: Human Resources Management or Organizational Consulting.

You will need to complete a total of 15 credits and there are no specific required courses in the option. However, you must select one track or the other and take a minimum of nine course credits in the chosen track. The remaining six credits of course work necessary to complete the option may be selected from either track.

Human Resources Management track (HRM)
This track is for students who would like to work in human resource management and/or union management relations.
COHR 303 (3 credits)Strategic Staffing
COHR 304 (3 credits)Training, Development, and Performance Management
COHR 305 (3 credits)Strategic Compensation
COHR 3081 (3 credits)Labour Relations
COHR 4031 (1.5 credits)Managing Diversity
COHR 4051 (3 credits)Managing the Family Business
COHR 4061 (1.5 credits)International Human Resource Management
COHR 433 (3 credits)Employment Law
COMM 486C1 (3 credits)Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics
1 Not offered during the 2017 Winter Session.
Organizational Consulting track (OC)
This track is for students who would like to work in consulting and/or managing change.
COHR 301 (1.5 credits)Business and Management Values
COHR 3021 (1.5 credits)Critical Evaluation of Information, Evidence and Arguments
COHR 3071 (1.5 credits)Introduction to Management Consulting
COHR 3111 (1.5 credits)Organizational Analysis
COHR 401 (1.5 credits)Organizational Change
COHR 402 (1.5 credits)Leadership
COHR 404 (1.5 credits)Power and Politics
COHR 4071 (1.5 credits)Advanced Management Consulting
COHR 408 (1.5 credits)Organizational Design
COHR 4091 (1.5 credits)Creativity and Innovation
COHR 4101 (1.5 credits)Knowledge Management
COHR 411 (1.5 credits)Managing and Building Teams
COHR 486A1 (3 credits)Gender and Diversity in Leadership 
COHR 486B (1.5 credits)Improvisation for Leaders
COHR 486D (1.5 credits)Negotiation for Leaders 
COMM 386D2 (3 credits)Innovation Leadership
COMM 486C1 (3 credits)Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics
1 Not offered during the 2017 Winter Session.
2 COMM 386D may only be used to fulfill requirements toward either the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources or Entrepreneurship option, but not both.

When you graduate, your transcript will say "Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Option" regardless of the track that you have chosen. The track will not appear on your transcript.

Careers in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources

Do you want to help businesses succeed and individuals realize their full potential? Human capital is often a company’s most invaluable asset, and it is difficult to retain talent in today’s fast-changing world. Whether you’re interested in labour relations, training and development or change management, an OBHR career can be very rewarding.

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