International Exchange

Going on exchange is an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand experience of another country's business practices, language, and culture. You’ll make new friends, valuable connections, and life-long memories.

Getting started

Where to begin? Start with research.

  1. Review eligibility requirements.
  2. Search through UBC Sauder's business partner schools and UBC's partner universities.
  3. Explore the UBC Go Global website, attend an info session, and talk to students who have already been on exchange.
  4. Make a plan and discuss it with our exchange advisor.

Eligibility and course requirements

To go on exchange, you must have attended UBC for one year and have completed Year 2 of the BCom program. While on exchange, you'll take a full-time course load, for which you can earn up to 15 UBC credits per term (a maximum of two courses can be option or concentration requirements). You’ll pay 15 credits worth of tuition to UBC per term.

Course equivalents and transfer credits

Check the Commerce Course Equivalency Chart for a list of exchange courses that have been approved as UBC Sauder course equivalents. Courses taken on exchange that are not equivalent to UBC courses are assigned as Commerce or non-Commerce elective credits. The year level and type of credit assigned is dependent on the course taken. 

Learn more about how your exchange courses will transfer to UBC and how to use the Transfer Credit Portal to earn credit for your exchange on the UBC Go Global website.

Questions about exchange?

Schedule an appointment with international programs advisor Ann Gilray. Ann can answer questions about exchange schools, provide information on the application process, and check your study plan to ensure that you stay on track to meet degree requirements while you're away.

Business partner schools

We have business exchange partners in dozens of countries throughout the world:

The Americas
Asia and The Pacific
Europe and The Middle East


Head over to the UBC Go Global website to see the full list of UBC's partner schools and learn about each institution.

Search university partners  

Frequently asked questions about exchange

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When can I go on exchange?
Are there courses I can't take on exchange?
Can I afford to go on exchange?
How does exchange affect my grades?
Will going on exchange delay my graduation?
Where can I find more information?



If you're studying abroad, do not register in any UBC courses during your exchange term(s); only register in courses for the term that you will be attending UBC. Go Global will register you in an exchange code to indicate that you are on exchange, which will trigger your tuition for the term and enable awards staff to review your eligibility for the Go Global International Learning Award. If you do register in any courses in the term(s) that you are scheduled to be on exchange, you will be dropped from these courses. If for any reason you do not go on exchange, the UGO will assist you to register in any required COMM/COHR courses.

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