Operations and Logistics

Every organization either manufactures a product, or provides a service, or both. "Operations" refers to the set of business processes that produce the product or service. "Logistics" refers to the set of business processes that procure inputs and distribute the finished product or service to the customer.

An efficient and responsive business process is critical to optimize workflow and improve the organization’s competitiveness for success. Operations and logistics is about helping organizations create, deliver, and provide products and services better. It can mean lower expenses, higher quality, more sustainability, better alignment with customer needs, and increased efficiency. Since operations is about understanding and improving processes, the framework and tools are transferable and applicable to business processes throughout the organization. 

Am I the right fit for this option?

Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential for this career track. Ideally you’ll be efficient in project management with sharp negotiation skills and an entrepreneurial outlook. It also helps to be proficient in a second language.

You’ll receive training in transport economics and management, government investment and regulatory programs affecting transportation and utilities, and business logistics. We recommend that you use electives to gain complimentary knowledge in related fields such as marketing, finance, and quantitative methods.

Operations and Logistics option course requirements

Year 2 or 3
COMM 2041Logistics and Operations Management
1 If do not complete COMM 204 in Year 2, you can still start the Operations and Logistics option in Year 3 by taking COMM 204 in Year 3 Term 1, followed by COMM 449 in Term 2.  
Year 3
COMM 443
Service Operations
COMM 449Supply-Chain Management
Year 4
Six credits from the following courses:
COMM 4142Data Visualization and Business Analytics
COMM 415
Quantitative Policy Analysis
COMM 444Air Transportation
COMM 445
Maritime and International Transportation
COMM 447Applied Project Management
2 COMM 414 may be used to fulfill requirements toward a maximum of one of the following three options: Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Marketing, or Operations and Logistics.

Careers in Operations and Logistics

Logistics is the flow of goods, information and money throughout an organization. This option is designed to prepare you for careers with operational and logistics functions in manufacturing, distribution firms and government departments at all levels. Great communication and negotiation skills go far in this field.

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