Leith Wheeler Investment Research Lab

Take advantage of real time tech sector data to inform your analysis and decision making.

Located in CLC 222 in the David Lam Library and Canaccord Learning Commons, the Leith Wheeler Investment Research Lab is part of the UBC Sauder School of Business computer lab system and provides students with access to:

  • five Bloomberg terminals
  • one Standard and Poor’s (S&P) Capital IQ workstation 
  • one Datastream / SDC Platinum terminal

About Leith Wheeler

Murray Leith (BCom ‘53) was one of three alumni who founded UBC Sauder’s prestigious Portfolio Management Foundation (PMF) program. Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd., the company he founded in 1982 has grown significantly and the PMF program has become a training ground for investment professionals across the globe. Murray is remembered for the strong emphasis he placed on ethics, integrity, and mentorship.

Honouring this longstanding association, Leith Wheeler donated $200,000 towards a much needed increase in Bloomberg terminals for the school’s finance students. Leith Wheeler has a longstanding history of supporting initiatives that benefit UBC Sauder students, with a number of alumni holding key positions at the firm.

Staff assistance

Staff are available by appointment to support students in learning how to use the terminals and in accessing the best data for their needs.

To book an appointment for financial databases questions, introductory training and related course project support, please contact the Lab Coordinator Fei Song.

Want to read more about the finance databases?

Access financial database information and get started using Captial IQ and Bloomberg with the Library's research guides.

Investment research lab policies

Priority use on database-specific terminals is given to users of Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ, Datastream and SDC Platinum. One Bloomberg terminal, the S&P Capital IQ terminal and the Datastream /SDC Platinum terminal can be used by non-UBC Sauder students. A staff member must sign on non-UBC Sauder students to the terminals. Please ask for information at the Service Desk. 

  • Ethical and appropriate use of data
  • Respectful behaviour
  • Respectful use of the space
Ethical and appropriate use of data

  • Use of the Leith Wheeler Investment Research Lab is for academic purposes only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • Sharing passwords for computers or databases is strictly prohibited and could result in withdrawal of access.
  • The software, data, and services provided in the Lab may not be furnished to others or used for business purposes.

Respectful behaviour

  • Respect your fellow students. Maintain a quiet and professional atmosphere.
  • Please be aware that you are adjacent to the silent study area. Limit conversation.
  • Refrain from using cellphones in the Lab.  Please leave the Lab and the Learning Commons to make or receive a call.
  • Priority use on database-specific terminals is given to users of Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ, Datastream and SDC Platinum. Be prepared to move away from a database-specific terminal if you are not using the specialized database assigned to it or if the terminal has been pre-booked by another user. You can use computers in the Learning Commons for other purposes.
  • Do not eat or drink in the Lab. 

Respectful use of the space

  • Tidy your area and sign off the computer when you are finished using the workstation.
  • Do not move furniture in or out of the room, or tamper with computer cables or other equipment.
  • Contact the Service Desk with problems or questions about the room.

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