Registration dates

Registration dates for the summer session will open during the last week of February 2024.

You will receive an email from Enrolment Services in mid-February directing you to check the Student Service Centre for the exact date and time when your registration will open. You may pay your tuition deposit at that time as well (the deposit is not required if you are not taking summer courses).

As most summer courses are only six weeks in duration, be aware of earlier withdrawal dates and the refund schedule before you drop any courses. Note that the registration deposit is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another session.

Refund of tuition fees  

Summer courses are intensive

If you're thinking about registering for summer courses, keep in mind that with the shorter summer terms (six weeks for most courses), staying on top of your coursework and managing your study time effectively will be crucial to your academic success.

Summer credit limits

Your registration is limited to six credits per term and 12 credits total for the summer session.

Available Commerce courses

If you're looking at the year-level restrictions for courses you're planning to take during the summer, you may be wondering if you'll be eligible to register. Before summer registration starts, we decrease the year level restriction of Commerce courses offered to allow students to register in summer courses for the year level they will be promoted to in May once they have successfully completed their winter session courses.

What can I take?

I'm currently in Year 1
I'm currently in Year 2
I'm currently in Year 3
I'm currently in Year 4


For important deadlines, such as the last day for withdrawal without a withdrawal standing of "W" recorded on your academic record, the last day to elect Credit/D/Fail grading for eligible courses, and the last day for withdrawal with withdrawal standing of "W" recorded on your academic record, please see the UBC course schedule. Deadlines are specified for each course.

Making travel plans

Your exam schedule will be available midway through the term of study. If you are making advance travel plans before the exam schedule is published, assume that you may be writing your last exam on the last possible date and time during the exam week. The Undergraduate Office will not grant concessions due to conflicting travel arrangements.

Frequently asked questions about taking summer courses

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