Digital Media Lab

Fall 2023 in the Digital Media Lab:

The Digital Media Lab (CLC 221) is equipped with four dual-screen Apple Mac workstations with access to premiere video, photo, and audio editing software. It also offers a soundproof recording room, a high-quality scanner, and a video-capture station.

(Photo by: UBC Library Communications and Marketing)

The lab is currently physically open with the following services:

  • Office hours (starting the week of September 18th, 2023)  where you can meet with a student coach for help with any digital media projects.
  • Various digital media workshops (starting in October 2023) where students can learn how to use various software.
Sauder students, please refer to the 'Digital Media Lab' section in the 'CLC: Online' Canvas course for more details and registration information.

Got the right gear?

From high-end microphones to graphics tablets, we have all the equipment to help you succeed in your media project. Visit the Service Desk for any questions about borrowing equipment.

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