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Librarians Available for Reseach Help! 

David Lam Librarians are available to provide research help in-person and via email/chat! Please visit here for more information on how to get research help!

Research Guides: 

Many of your class assignments will require you to find high quality information on an industry, company, consumer group, location or business topic.

  • Find books, articles, library databases and websites on topic-based online research guides.
  • Find guides to researching assignments for selected courses (e.g., COMM 296, etc.) on course guides.

David Lam Management Research Library  


Evaluate and cite information sources

Reputable business information comes from a variety of sources. You may need to find information from library databases and/or freely available internet sources. It's important for you to evaluate your sources to ensure that you are using reputable and appropriate information. Consider:

  • Author/organization credentials
  • Accuracy
  • Currency
  • Bias
  • Purpose

Evaluating Information Sources guide   UBC Library How to Cite guide  

Top research topics

Companies, industries or markets
Case competitions prep
Startups and entrepreneurship
International business
Finance and investment

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