Elective requirements

Electives allow you to explore interests outside of the core BCom program. You can select courses to complement your choice of option/career or to develop expertise in a specific subject area.

What are my elective requirements?

Elective requirements differ slightly depending on which year you entered the program, which option you choose to complete, and whether you entered as a direct entry student in Year 1 or as a transfer student in Year 2 or Year 3.

Year 1 (direct entry)
Year 2 (transfer students)
Year 3 (transfer students)


International Business students should complete the elective requirements of their primary option. Elective credits are used to satisfy the option requirements for International Business.

Note: COHR courses cannot be counted as non-Commerce electives.

Plan your electives early and carefully

When you're planning which electives to take and when to take them, be mindful of prerequisites, co-requisites, and course restrictions. Some senior-level electives (300 or 400-level) may only be taken in Year 3 or 4 and require junior-level prerequisites (100 or 200-level). There are also some courses which do not count for credit in the BCom program (see below).

What are non-Commerce electives?

Non-Commerce electives include courses in subject areas other than Commerce. Psychology, political science, international relations, economics, science, languages, or any other areas that interest you, are all excellent choices.

Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources courses with a prefix of COHR cannot be counted as non-Commerce electives.

Which electives don't count for credit in the BCom program?

The following are courses that do not count for credit in the BCom program because they duplicate other Commerce courses that you are required to take.

Courses similar to COMM 290 and COMM 291
Courses similar to COMM 390 Business Writing
Economics courses similar to other Commerce courses
Other courses not for credit in the BCom program
Electives in the Faculty of Science

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