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Last updated: May 16, 2024

Bachelor of Commerce 

Degree requirements for year 1 entry in 2022W or later

We encourage you to make use of the BCom course planning worksheets as much as possible for the duration of your degree. We also encourage you to consult with academic advisors to develop a comprehensive academic plan that aligns with your academic goals and ensures timely progression towards degree completion, particularly if you are considering a reduced course load. Academic advisors can offer valuable insights and assistance in selecting courses, managing course loads, and navigating potential challenges in course registration. To book an appointment with an Advisor, please go here: https://calendly.com/bcom-ugo-advising

Continuation in the BCom program 

A winter session average of ≥60% based on all courses attempted from September to April is required to continue in the program at all year levels. For more information, please see our Academic Standing page. 

Are you a transfer student? Review the page linked below:

Transfer Student Information  

New Promotion Requirements in 2024W
'Year Level' is labelled as 'Class Standing' in Workday Student. Your Class Standing is automatically updated on Workday Student based on these new promotion requirements. We recommend reviewing the information carefully and referring to our program planning sheets to help track your progress.  
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Class Standing 1 / First Year 
ECON 101Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomics3
COMM 101 Business Fundamentals3
COMM 105  Values, Ethics, and Community3
COMM 190 Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making3
COMM 191Application of Statistics in Business3
COMM 192 Management and Organizational Behaviour3
COMM 196
A minimum grade of 60% is required.
Business Communications I3
MATH 100 or equivalent  Differential Calculus with Applications3
Non-Commerce electives 3
Total Credits30
Considering a reduced course load? Click here.

Class Standing 2 / Second Year 
COMM 202 Career Fundamentals1
COMM 203 Managing the Employment Relationship3
COMM 204 Logistics and Operations Management3
COMM 205Introduction to Management Information Systems3
COMM 293 Financial Accounting3
COMM 294 Managerial Accounting3
COMM 295 Managerial Economics3
COMM 296 Introduction to Marketing3
COMM 298Introduction to Finance3
Non-Commerce electives 6
Total Credits31

Considering a reduced course load? Click here.
 Transfer students should go here for important details on their course planning.
Class Standing 3 / Third Year 
COMM 393 Commercial Law3
COMM 394Environment, Society, and Government3
COMM 396
A minimum grade of 60% in COMM 396 is required.
Business Communications II3
Options Requirements  6
Total Credits30

Considering a reduced course load? Click here.

Transfer students should go here for important details on their course planning. 

Class Standing 4 / Fourth Year 
COMM 491 Strategic Management3
COMM 400Capstone Experience1
Options Requirements  9
Total Credits31

Completing your degree 

Once you have fulfilled your BCom degree requirements, it’s time to apply to graduate. Note that if you achieve a winter session average below 60% in your final year, you will be permitted to graduate, but a notation of ‘Failed Year’ will appear on your academic transcript for that session.  

Continuation in the BCom program 

If you have not completed all your requirements for graduation or wish to take additional courses, you may continue in the next winter session, remaining in Year 4, provided your winter session average is greater than or equal to 60% on all courses attempted from September to April. You must achieve the minimum 60% continuation requirement by the end of the current winter session in April. When planning your studies, keep in mind that you must complete all of your degree requirements within six years of entering the program. 


Workday Student

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