General Business Management

Do you see yourself as a generalist, able to move within organizations as different needs arise? This option was designed to meet the needs of the ever-evolving business community and of students who prefer the choice of a more general business education.

Am I the right fit for this option?

General Business Management demands a broad understanding of business including: marketing, sales, accounting, human resources, finance and logistics, coupled with a strong ability to lead teams, motivate employees, generate revenue and cut costs.

In addition to the usual Commerce core subjects you will take courses in logistics and production management, commercial law, policy analysis, new enterprise development, and international business. In keeping with the generalist nature of this option, you can’t take more than three courses in any option area (beyond the common core requirements).

General Business Management option course requirements

Year 3
COMM 3931Commercial Law
COMM 2041Logistics and Operations Management
And three credits from analysis course combination (see below)
1 Students in the General Business Management option must complete at least 3 credits from COMM 393 and COMM 204 (formerly 399), as well as 3 credits from the analysis course combination requirement in Year 3 to be eligible for promotion to Year 4.
Year 4
Three credits from the following courses:
COMM 497New Enterprise Development
COMM 498International Business Management
Plus six credits from the following courses2:
COMM 486MStrategy and Integrated Decision Making
COMM 491Strategic Management
COMM 492Management Simulation (not offered in 2017W)
COMM 497New Enterprise Development
COMM 498International Business Management
And three credits from analysis course combination (see below)
2 Three credits from this requirement applies to the Year 4 capstone requirement as listed under general program requirements.
Analysis course combinations (choose one combination within one subject area)
COMM 353and COMM 450
or COMM 354and COMM 454
Business Technology Management
COMM 335and COMM 436
any six credits of Entrepreneurship option courses
COMM 370and COMM 471 or COMM 486Q
COMM 362and COMM 460, COMM 461, or COMM 462
or COMM 363and COMM 460, COMM 464, COMM 467, COMM 469, COMM 484 (COMM 486F), or COMM 486I
or COMM 365and COMM 460COMM 464COMM 467COMM 469COMM 486F, or COMM 486I
Operations and Logistics
COMM 443and COMM 449
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
any six credits of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources option courses
Real Estate
COMM 307and COMM 405, COMM 407, or COMM 408
3 To be eligible to take Accounting or Finance courses to complete the analysis course combination requirement, you must meet the GPA cutoff average for the applicable option (see Options for listed cutoffs).

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