COHR 403 - Managing Diversity

In this course we will work to clarify what hinders acceptance of differences in the workplace, take a closer look at some of the problems various individuals face in the workplace, and then consider effective leadership techniques that will lead to a more effective bridging of differences in the workplace. As present and future leaders you need to know more about what is known about diversity in the workplace. As present and future managers it makes sense to explore and assess your own strengths and weaknesses regarding accommodating differences. This course is designed to address both these levels: Learning about diversity and Learning about oneself in handling diversity.

Learning objectives

As a result of taking this course, you will:

  • learn about different aspects of diversity.
  • learn about handling diversity issues in the workplace.
  • explore personal issues related to stereotyping, bias and prejudice.
  • develop a model for managing diversity.

Note: COHR 403 will not be offered in 2021W.

Prerequisite: COMM 292 and one of COMM 203, COMM 392.

Course credits:

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