Statement of Professionalism and Code of Conduct

UBC Sauder BCom Statement of Professionalism

At UBC Sauder, professional behaviour aligns with the school’s guiding values – rigour, respect and responsibility. These values help shape our behaviour both inside the classroom and in our community and inspire and guide students, staff and faculty.

How are we professional at UBC Sauder?

  • Rigour
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

  • Strive for excellence and do the best work we are capable of doing
  • Act with personal and academic integrity
  • Listen to our peers and colleagues with an open mind, and challenge our own opinions when beliefs differ from our own
  • Make evidence-based decisions


  • Learn about others and sincerely respect their ways of seeing the world
  • Be attentive and conscious of our words and actions and care how they impact others
  • Be inclusive of other people from different cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and feelings
  • Take care of our physical space in which we work and learn
  • Maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our colleagues when appropriate


  • Make decisions that are socially responsible by considering the impact of our activities on others and the community at large
  • Take care of our physical and mental wellbeing
  • Meet deadlines, show up for classes/meetings on-time, come prepared to contribute and follow through on any commitments
  • Take ownership for our mistakes

Along with these three guiding values, our community also embraces three personal values that describe the preferred ways that we interact in the UBC Sauder community: authenticity, humility and compassion. These personal values are important to the UBC Sauder culture, but are not specifically relevant to commitments about professional actions and communications.

The UBC Sauder BCom Statement of Professionalism and BCom Student Code of Conduct supplement existing standards and policies, such as UBC’s Student Code of ConductUBC’s Academic Honesty and StandardsUBC’s Respectful Environmental Statement, the BC Human Rights CodeStudent Declaration and Responsibility and the employment contracts and collective agreements that govern faculty and staff.

UBC Sauder BCom Student Code of Conduct: Expectations and Implications

Professionalism is demonstrated through actions that align with UBC Sauder’s core values – rigour, respect and responsibility. Students, like faculty, staff and alumni, are representatives of UBC Sauder and are committed to upholding these values and behaving professionally. This document outlines the expectations of our community and the consequences of unprofessional behaviour. Be sure to understand the specific expectations of all classes and activities at UBC Sauder. Ask questions if you don’t understand or need more information.

Personal Well Being

Rigorous, Respectful and Responsible Behaviours

Academic Integrity

Attendance and Participation

Use of Electronics

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