Student initiatives and government

Some of the best learning opportunities at UBC and at UBC Sauder are managed and delivered by students just like you.

Student government

As a UBC BCom student, you are member of both the UBC Alma Mater Society (AMS) and the Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS). Funded by your student fees, elected representatives in both societies facilitate services and opportunities to enhance your student experience, including conferences, clubs, and social events.

Key activities include:

  • annual conferences focusing on leadership, research, sustainability, strategic consulting, entrepreneurship, career exploration, corporate and personal branding
  • numerous opportunities to volunteer and gain leadership experience
  • career and academic services including social and professional events
  • over 370 student clubs in which to make friends and have fun

AMS website  

CUS website  

Student conferences

Student conferences can help you build on your classroom learning, meet others with similar interests and goals, and develop communication, organizational, leadership, and networking skills.

CUS conferences

Each of the major conferences hosted annually by the CUS provides an excellent opportunity to increase your business acumen and meet potential employers. Want to get involved to help organize and run one of these amazing events? Check the CUS website and weekly CUSunday newsletter for hiring notifications.

Chasing Sustainability

Chasing Sustainability
Focuses on learning and sharing ideas about sustainable business models and practices.

Me IncMe Inc.
An exploration of career options that focuses on the alignment of career choices with individual goals and personalities.
Focuses on branding, both corporate and personal, for success. 
NSCCNational Strategy Consulting Conference
Provides students from Canada’s top universities with the opportunity to hone their abilities in analyzing problems, solving cases, and learn about strategic consulting.

CUS External Conferences

Interested in attending an external student conference? ExCo provides opportunities for UBC Sauder students to explore conferences world-wide through reimbursement of conference, accommodation, and travel expenses.

Student clubs and services

At last count, there are over 370 AMS student clubs for you to choose from at UBC. Dabble in the arts, join a cause, dance the night away, gaze at the stars, work up a sweat, catch the snitch - the possibilities are endless. 

Explore AMS student clubs  

These include CUS-sponsored clubs, each focusing on a different business discipline or topic. Club membership is a great way to explore interests and learn about potential career paths.

CUS-sponsored clubs

Accounting Club
BizChina Club
Business Technology Network (BizTech)
Enactus UBC
Entrepreneurship Projects (eProjects)
Finance Association
Human Resources Management Club
Marketing Association
Real Estate Club
Social Enterprise Club
Trading Group
Youth Women in Business

Additional clubs with a business focus

Business Communications Club (BizzComm)
Supply Chain Management Club

UBC Sauder Philanthropy Program

Does the potential to create a positive social impact guide your choices and actions? Join like-minded peers in the pursuit of philanthropic opportunities with local business leaders, non-profits organizations, and social enterprizes.

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