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When you join the network, you'll have access to everything you need to help your student navigate university life. This includes helpful resources and online events, as well as key updates from the school throughout the year. You also have the ability to connect with other parents and families of UBC Sauder students. By being part of the network, your student will get that extra support from you to help them thrive.

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Welcome from Dean Robert Helsley

dean helsley

This is a unique time to attend the UBC Sauder School of Business and I hope you share my excitement about the upcoming school year. While classes will not look or feel the same as in previous years, our faculty members and staff are looking forward to providing our students with a transformational and stimulating academic experience. As a family member or guardian of a UBC Sauder student, you are a vital part of the school’s community of support.

Our Parent & Family Network is all about you. We believe an informed and supportive family plays an important role in our students’ success. Through resources like the UBC Sauder Parent & Family Guidebook, you can learn about the school and empower your student to take personal responsibility for their social and academic choices.

We continue to seek new ways to demonstrate our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and foster an environment where everyone can thrive. Our hope is that our students will carry these values forward into their professional and civic lives.

We are excited to work together with you to help our students explore their interests, discover their many talents and reach their full potential.

Robert Helsley
Dean, UBC Sauder School of Business
Grosvenor Professor of Cities,
Business Economics and Public Policy

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Looking to get involved with the UBC Sauder Parent & Family Network? We have volunteer opportunities for parents and family members that range from hosting a Parent & Family event in your city, attending a UBC Sauder event to being a part of the Parent & Family Council. For more information, please contact us at or 604.822.6068

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