Commerce Scholars Program

Program update (January 26, 2024)

The Commerce Scholars Program has been discontinued and will not be accepting additional students. Current participants will continue in the program as planned until completion of their requirements.

Learn how to conduct leading research under the mentorship of a distinguished faculty member.

The Commerce Scholars Program (CSP) encourages you to draw upon the UBC Sauder School of Business's reputation as Canada’s leading research business school. Under the mentorship of a distinguished faculty member, you’ll work as a research assistant, learn all about the research process and sharpen your critical thinking skills.

Program structure

Faculty mentorship

As a Commerce Scholar, you must stay in regular contact with your Mentor who will introduce you to their research and to the research process in general. In addition, you and your fellow scholars are expected to attend all the program events including departmental academic conferences and research seminars with presentations by faculty.

2023/24 CSP event schedule  

Expectations for CSP Students  

Scholar Applicant & Mentor agreement form  

Current CSP mentors and others who have expressed interests
Past CSP mentors and their research interests
CSP ambassadors

Course requirements
Year 3
COMM 311

Research Theory for Commerce Scholars

  • three credit in-class course
  • scheduled in Term 1
Year 4
COMM 490

Report and research presentation at a student research conference

  • three credit course for independent research project
  • no regularly scheduled meeting times

The six credits will count toward the BCom Commerce electives requirement.

Research work

You will work as a research assistant to your mentor over the period of January to August, typically between Years 3 and 4 (based on a mutual agreement) and be paid a $5,000 stipend for your efforts. (Note: the work for research assistantship must be completed when Scholars are in Canada.)  All scholars will present their research work at a student research conference in March/April of Year 4.

Program completion

Upon graduation, you will receive a 'Commerce Scholar' designation on your transcript confirming your participation and completion of this specialized program.

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