Business Technology Management

If you’re interested in computers and management, this option could be a great fit. It provides an overview of the information systems area, with hands on lab experience. 

Am I the right fit for this option?

If you are technically savvy, detail-oriented, with creative problem-solving and analytical skills, chances are you’ll find this option leads you to your ideal career.

Business Technology Management option course requirements

Year 3
COMM 2051Introduction to Management Information Systems
1 If you take COMM 205 (formerly COMM 391) in Year 3 Term 1, then you must complete COMM 335 in Term 2 of Year 3. COMM 436, COMM 437,and COMM 439 would be taken in Year 4. 
Year 3
COMM 335Information Systems Technology & Development (Term 1) 
COMM 436Information Systems Analysis and Design (Term 2) 
COMM 4372Database Technology (Term 2) 
2 Credit will only be given for one of COMM 437 and CPSC 304.
Year 3 or 4
COMM 438Management of Information Systems (Term 1) 
COMM 439Business Technology

Other BTM courses which may be taken as electives

COMM 336Introduction to e-Business 
COMM 337Business Programming and Analytics
COMM 456 Information Technology Risks, Protection and Audit 
COMM 486NCIO Strategies 
Note: Not all of the above elective BTM courses are offered every year.

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