Academic Concession

At UBC, we care about your wellbeing and are committed to supporting you in your academic pursuits. We recognize that sometimes unanticipated events or circumstances can affect your ability to complete your academic responsibilities.

Last updated: April 10, 2024

What is Academic concession?

There are times when you may experience unanticipated events or circumstances that interfere with your ability to fulfill your academic responsibilities as scheduled, such as assignments or exams. An academic concession is a form of support that allows for deferment of marked work so that you can complete the requirements of a course.

What are the types of academic concession that can be granted?
If you missed in-term coursework: In-term academic concession
If you missed final exams or end-of-term assignments: Standing Deferred
Is it an academic concession or an academic accommodation?

Before you apply

We ask that you review the process carefully. You may be asked for further details, documentation or to meet with an advisor, so we ask that you check your emails regularly. 

1. Review UBC’s Academic Concession Policy

UBC Academic Concession Policy

2. Check if you are eligible for academic concessions

If you have missed a course component for which a grade is assigned, you may be eligible for an academic concession given the following:

  • You have been attending classes regularly
  • You have been regularly completing other coursework
  • Your request covers a short period of time

If your request is for an exam that you started, then please know that the grade earned will stand regardless of how much of the exam was completed. You will not be granted academic concession for this quiz/test/exam. There will be no additional opportunity to increase that mark.

Grounds for academic concession fall into one or more of the following categories:

Conflicting responsibilities
Medical circumstances
Compassionate grounds

If you have submitted a concession request, be prepared to show supporting documentation and/or to discuss your request with an academic advisor.

Be aware that falsifying information or documentation for an academic concession is considered academic misconduct.

3. Refer to your course syllabus

While the academic concession policy is the same for every faculty across the university, each course (and each faculty) may process a concession differently. It is necessary for you to refer to your course syllabus—and if the request applies to multiple courses, then to each one of the syllabi—to ensure that you understand how concessions are applied in that course and what that instructor’s expectations for you are.

Your course syllabus should explain how concession will be applied (for example, as a deadline extension or an alternate exam) if your request is approved. The UGO does not determine the way in which a concession is applied (that is, the UGO does not decide if it’s an extension or an alternate exam)—that decision rests with your instructor.

4. Inform your instructor

If your instructor has indicated on the course syllabus or in class that you should connect with them regarding missed coursework or classes, then please be sure to do so as soon as possible. You may also wish to connect with them to confirm that the concession is supported and how it will be applied if it is not clear from your syllabus.

Students should anticipate being asked to submit their assignment/coursework within a reasonable time of their circumstances being resolved. If you have completed the work, then we encourage you to submit it as soon as possible, even if you haven’t yet heard back from the UGO or the instructor.  


For in-term concessions
For end-of-term concession (deferred standing and late withdrawal)

Applying for an academic concession

After completing the previous steps, apply via the following links. Please use your desktop as the following forms are not optimized for tablet or mobile platforms. 

Apply for in-term concessionApply for Deferred Standing

Once your application has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

Documentation for academic concessions

Documentation for Conflicting Responsibilities
Documentation for Medical Circumstances
Documentation for Compassionate Grounds

If you have any questions about supporting documentation, please connect with our office.

We trust that the information you provide is accurate and truthful. The submission of false information to obtain academic concession is considered academic misconduct and will be subject to investigation and possible disciplinary actions.

Standing Deferred Exams

If your concession request for a final exam or, for courses that do not have final exams, the major end-of-term assignment, is approved, you will be granted a Deferred Standing (or Standing Deferred) and a notation of ‘SD’ will be added to the course on your academic record. Your course grade will remain incomplete until you have completed all coursework/sat the exam.

If an “SD” has been added to your student record, you must:

  • Review any information provided by the UGO and your course instructor regarding SD exams (e.g., email, course outline, Canvas)
  • Monitor your email and follow the instructions you receive from the UGO or Enrolment Services regarding your SD exam(s)
  • Some courses are considered ‘exceptions’ to the official SD exam period; be sure to review course exceptions for alternate exam dates that differ from the official deferred exam period
  • Apply through the SSC to write your exam(s) in the application period outlined by Enrolment Services
  • Write your deferred exam as scheduled by Enrolment Services (unless you have received detailed written instructions from your instructor regarding a time and date that differs from the exam scheduled provided by ES)
  • If you have outstanding/incomplete coursework for which concession has been supported, you are asked to submit it per your instructor’s directions
    • Deferred exams for Winter Session courses are held the following July/August
    • Deferred exams for Summer Session courses are held in November
What is the potential impact of Deferred Standing?
What happens after I’ve written my deferred exam?
What happens if I miss my deferred exam?
What options may be available if I am not eligible for a Deferred Standing?

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