Academic concession

If you miss an exam or other coursework due to an illness, an emergency, or for compassionate reasons, a special allowance known as an academic concession may be considered. An academic advisor can help you to determine your best course of action and refer you to the appropriate support services so that you can successfully complete your studies. Please be prepared to provide a Verification of Student Illness/Injury form or other relevant supporting documentation.

UBC Academic Concession policy  

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Once you have started an exam, the grade you earn will stand

If you are sick or experiencing other problems that could affect your performance, you are strongly urged to see a doctor and consult with an academic advisor before your exam. You will not be given another opportunity to increase your mark if you have already started an exam.

Requesting an academic concession

If you miss an exam for one of the reasons listed above:

  1. Submit an online Academic Concession Request to the Undergraduate Office (UGO) within 48 hours of your absence to request an academic concession. You should also notify your instructor as soon as you know that you will be missing an exam or other coursework.
  2. Print the Verification of Student Illness/Injury form for your doctor to complete. Attach the completed form to the Academic Concession Request. If documentation is not available when you complete the online request, submit official documentation to the UGO as soon as possible thereafter. Requests submitted with insufficient documentation will not be considered. Backdated documentation will not be accepted. Note: official documentation from UBC resources (Access & Diversity, Student Health Service, Counselling Services) or the UBC Village Medical and Dental Clinic are acceptable alternatives to this form. 
  3. The UGO will assess your documentation and determine if you are in "good standing" in the course. To be in "good standing" you must have regularly attended classes, completed all assignments and completed all midterm exams. 
  4. You must discuss your request with an academic advisor at the UGO, by phone or in-person, within 72 hours of submitting the online form for your request to be considered. You may contact the UGO at or by telephone at 604.822.8333 to book an appointment.

Supporting documentation should be issued on official letterhead. Requests based on medical circumstances must be accompanied by the Verification of Student Illness/Injury form; medical notes must include the following information:

  • Your full name. 
  • The date that the healthcare provider saw you. 
  • The duration of your illness or impairment. 
  • The signature of the healthcare professional. 

In the case of an on-going disability/impairment, documentation must include the following information, in addition to the above:

  • Information indicating how the severity of the condition prevented you from completing coursework or examinations. 
  • Comments on the effect of the illness/impairment on your ability to meet specific academic requirements. 

In the case of compassionate requests, an obituary, death certificate or other appropriate documentation is required.

Considerations for other types of supporting documentation will be at the discretion of the academic advisor.

Request an academic concession  

Deferred Standing for missed final exams

A Deferred Standing may be granted for not completing course requirements as scheduled. Once you are approved for an academic concession, a Deferred Standing (also referred to as Standing Deferred or 'SD') will be granted for your course, meaning that your course grade will stay incomplete until you have taken the exam or finished outstanding coursework. If you have been granted a Deferred Standing in a course requiring a final exam, you will write it during the official deferred exam period set by Enrolment Services unless alternate arrangements have been made.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you download materials needed to complete the course and prepare for the exam. All course materials on Connect may not be accessible after the end of the term.

Apply for a Deferred Standing exam  

Completing requirements for courses with Deferred Standing

If you receive Deferred Standing (an 'SD') in the winter session, you must complete all outstanding course requirements by the following August 23. If you receive Deferred Standing in the summer session, you must complete all outstanding course requirements by the following December 25.

Deferred Standing may postpone your registration for the next winter session

If you have been granted Deferred Standing in any winter session courses, we may not be able to determine your eligibility to continue or to be promoted to the next year level until you have completed all coursework and a final grade(s) has been posted. Where possible, we will use interim grades (grades achieved to-date in Deferred Standing courses, assuming zeroes for uncompleted coursework) to calculate your average. If you do not meet continuation/promotion requirements based on interim grades, your overall sessional average will be reassessed once your final grade(s) is posted; this may delay your registration for the next winter session.

Do not make travel plans until you know your exam schedule

Do not make travel arrangements or personal commitments until the exam schedule has been published or you have confirmed your final exam date with your instructor. Resulting conflicts will not merit any exam accommodations.

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