Academic concession

At UBC, we care about your wellbeing and are committed to supporting you in your academic pursuits. We recognize that sometimes unanticipated events or circumstances can affect your ability to complete your academic responsibilities.

UBC Academic Concession policy

You may be eligible for academic concession if your circumstances fall within certain categories. An academic concession is a special allowance determined by your instructors and/or the Undergraduate Office for you to make up missed coursework or an exam at a later date or by alternate means. 

Please review the UBC Academic Concession policy as outlined on the Calendar before submitting a request.

UBC Academic Concession policy  


Requesting academic concession

If you need to request an academic concession*, please choose the category that you believe most accurately reflects your situation and read the instructions carefully. You should submit a request within 48 hours of the missed coursework, exam, or deadline.

*If you're submitting a concession request, be prepared to show supporting documentation and/or have a discussion with an academic advisor.

Refer to your course syllabi to understand which circumstances will require you to submit a request for academic concession and how concessions will be applied in each course if your request is approved. You should inform your instructor—as soon as possible—of any absence and confirm your understanding of how concessions will be applied in their course. Please note that once an exam has started, the grade earned will stand and there will be no additional opportunity to increase the mark. 

Apply for academic concession  

If your circumstances prevent you from meeting the 48 hour deadline


Do not make travel plans until you know your exam schedule

Resulting conflicts will not merit academic concession.

Deferred Standing

If your concession request for a final exam or final term coursework is approved, you will be granted a Deferred Standing (or Standing Deferred) and a notation of ‘SD’ will be added to the course on your academic record. Your course grade will remain incomplete until you have completed all coursework.

If your academic concession is approved and an “SD” has been added to your student record:

  1. Monitor your email and follow the instructions provided. Review course exceptions for alternate exam dates that differ from the official deferred exam period.
  2. Apply through the SSC to write your exam(s) in the application period outlined by Enrolment Services.
  3. Write your deferred exam as scheduled by Enrolment Services unless otherwise indicated by your instructor.
    • Deferred exams for Winter Session courses are held the following July/August.
    • Deferred exams for Summer Session courses are held in November.
  4. Submit incomplete coursework as per your instructor’s directions (including deadline). This must be no later than:
    • August 23, for Winter Session
    • December 25, for Summer Session
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Enrolment Services standing deferred deadlines  


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