Academic concession

At UBC, we care about your wellbeing and are committed to supporting you in your academic pursuits. We recognize that sometimes unanticipated events or circumstances can affect your ability to complete your academic responsibilities.

What is Academic concession?

An academic concession acknowledges the circumstances a student faces that are outside of their control or expectation and grants them eligibility for adjustments to help them complete their studies.

These adjustments often consist of a later deadline for an assignment, an opportunity to complete a make-up test or quiz, a late withdraw (with a W standing), or a Deferred Standing (known as SD) for coursework and exams. Students should anticipate being asked to submit their assignment/coursework within reasonable time of their circumstances being resolved.

UBC’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO) can assist students with a request for academic concessions if the situation is related to an experience of sexual assault.

Note: An academic concession is not the same as an academic accommodation. If you are already registered with the Centre for Accessibility (CFA) and your disability or ongoing medical condition informs the grounds for academic concession, you may submit your request for academic concessions to the Undergraduate Office (UGO) or CFA.

If you missed in-term coursework: In-term academic concession
If you missed final exams or end-of-term assignments: Standing Deferred

Before you apply

There are several steps you need to take before you apply for academic concession. The UGO receives many concession requests throughout the school year; therefore, these steps are crucial in ensuring a more efficient process. Please follow the steps below to ensure we can process your request as quickly as possible:

1. Review UBC’s Academic Concession Policy

UBC Academic Concession Policy

2. Check if you are eligible for academic concessions

You may be eligible for an academic concession if:

  • You missed an evaluated component in a course,
  • You have been attending classes regularly,
  • You have been regularly completing coursework,
  • Your request covers a short period of time,
  • You are able to meet the learning outcomes of the course.

Please note that once an exam has started, the grade earned will stand and there will be no additional opportunity to increase the mark.
Your academic concession request is based on grounds supported by the UBC Academic Concessions policy:

  • Conflicting responsibilities
    This may include family care, paid employment in some circumstances, religious practices, or military duty that conflict with academic requirements and are beyond your control.
  • Medical circumstances
    This can cover a mental or physical health issue that emerges or recurs during a term.
  • Compassionate grounds
    A concession may be granted when a student experiences a traumatic event, sexual assault, or death in the family or of a close friend.

Conflicting travel plans or feeling unprepared will not merit academic concession.
Use your own judgment to determine if your circumstances match any of these cases before you apply for academic concession.

If you're submitting a concession request, be prepared to show supporting documentation and/or have a discussion with an academic advisor. Be aware that falsifying information for an academic concession is considered academic misconduct.

3. Refer to your course syllabus

Every course is different, and each will have its specific instructions or information on requesting concession for the specific course.

Your course syllabus will outline which circumstances will require you to submit a request for academic concession and how concession will be applied if your request is approved.

4. Inform your instructor

Follow the instructions in your course outline and let your instructor know as soon as possible about any missed lectures or coursework and confirm your understanding of what a concession may entail and how the work will be completed.


You are expected to submit a request for academic concessions within 48 hours of the missed coursework, exam, or deadline.

  • Winter Session, Term 1 -- January 31
  • Winter Session, Term 2 -- May 31
  • Summer Session (both terms) – September 30

The deadlines for completing all SD course work as per UBC Calendar are:

  • August 23, for Winter Session
  • December 25, for Summer Session

Applying for an academic concession

After completing the previous steps, apply via the link below:

Apply for in-term concessionApply for Deferred Standing

Providing documentation to support

While a self-declaration may suffice for a first incidence, for some circumstances, you may be required to submit supporting documentation along with, or following, your self-declaration.

We trust that the information you provide is accurate and truthful. The submission of false information to obtain academic concession is classified as academic misconduct and will be subject to investigation and the appropriate discipline action.

We also understand documentation is not always possible. Self-declaration of your circumstances may be sufficient for:

  • the first occurrence of an acute illness
  • a request on compassionate grounds
  • a conflicting responsibility for which there is no practicable way to provide a letter or other official document from an organization

Next steps after approval

Next steps for in-term concessions
Next steps for Deferred Standing

If your request for academic concessions is denied

A request for academic concessions may be denied on the following grounds:

  • You have made repeated requests for academic concessions
  • You have already completed the coursework or wrote the exam
  • There is an investigation of academic misconduct in progress
  • You did not submit a request for academic concessions on a timely manner (within 48-hours) and were not prevented by extenuating circumstances from doing so
  • You were required to provide additional information/documentation to support your request and you failed to follow up accordingly.
  • Making up missed coursework is not feasible. An Academic Advisor or Accessibility Advisor may reach out to discuss alternatives that may be available for your case.
  • You have missed too many classes, as per the requirements set out in the course syllabus.
Statement of Professionalism and Code of ConductUBC Attendance Policy

If your request for academic concessions is denied, an Academic Advisor in the Undergraduate Office will inform you.

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