UBC Sauder Alumni Job Data

Get exclusive access to UBC Sauder alumni job data

Want to learn more about what UBC Sauder alumni do after graduation? All BCom students and recent alumni are provided exclusive access to the Sauder Employment Analytics Tool (SEAT), which provides invaluable information about jobs UBC Sauder students have landed up to 6 months after graduation.

You can use this information to make career decisions, guide your job search, and negotiate your salary. SEAT offers information on:

  • Which companies have hired UBC Sauder grads
  • Sources used to find jobs in specific industries (e.g. BCC/UBC Facilitated Events, COOL job postings, etc.)
  • Average base salaries
  • Job offer trends

How it works

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How to use SEAT

To access historical job placement data you'll need to:

  1. Log in to SEAT using your CWL
  2. Fill out a short profile with your background information
  3. Once you have completed your profile, your account will be activated

Access SEAT

(CWL login required)

BCom students are provided access to SEAT in COMM202. If you’re unable to log in, please email bccmktg@sauder.ubc.ca.

What SEAT can do for you

Unlock exclusive research tools 

Once you've completed your profile in SEAT, you'll be able to look up employment outcome data using six different research tools. These tools allow you to search employment outcome data by a number of different attributes, including industry, employer, city, and graduation year.

Here are the different research tools in SEAT you can use:

  • Outcomes Index: See how different employers, industries, job functions, and cities compare when it comes to salary and the number of offers accepted by UBC Sauder grads.
  • Salary Database: Select different attributes like employer, job title, and location to see aggregate salary information for a set of the UBC Sauder grad population.
  • Offer Timeline: Find out when grads received job offers.
  • Offer Job Source: Discover what activities or services led grads to their job offers.
  • Offer Trends: Look up year-over-year job offer timing.
  • Class Overview: Find employment outcome data by graduation year and program.
Beyond UBC Sauder

Want more instructions?

Review the "How To Use SEAT's Research Tools" infographic below for tips and step-by-step instructions:

How To Use Seat's Research Tools Infographic

Click the image to download

Where does SEAT data come from?

The alumni job placement data comes directly from UBC Sauder graduates. All UBC Sauder graduates, including MBAs and Master of Business Analytics grads, are asked to complete the SEAT survey within 6 months of finishing their program. This means you can also see details of where Masters-level UBC Sauder grads land in SEAT.

When it’s time for you to report your post-grad job placement data, you’ll be able to pay it forward and help future BComs with your job information.

It’s important to note that all individual responses in SEAT are anonymous, kept confidential, and reported in aggregate form only.

How your information is used


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact bccmktg@sauder.ubc.ca.

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