Campus Closures

At times, the University may decide to cancel or reschedule academic activities and curtail non-essential services in response to extreme weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. Alerts and updates on campus closures will be available at

The information below applies to BCom students and all students registered in COMM, COHR, COMR, and COEC courses.

How will I know if my classes or exams are cancelled?

Always check for the most up-to-date information about campus closures.

If classes are cancelled, monitor your Canvas Announcements and email for any further direction from your instructors.

If exams are cancelled:

  • A notice will be posted at
  • UBC Enrolment Services will inform affected students via email and provide directions on the next steps.
  • Instructors may also provide additional information via Canvas Announcements and/or email. Click here to learn how to personalize your notifications in Canvas.

A campus closure was announced at on the day and time of my final exam and my final exam was cancelled. When will I write it?

Some instructors may choose to hold a remote exam at the originally scheduled time so that you do not need to be on campus to write the exam in person. It is your responsibility to review the policies listed in your course syllabus and monitor your email and Canvas Announcements for any information provided by your instructor.

If a remote exam is offered at the original scheduled date and time

If your instructor has notified you that your exam will be administered remotely online, please follow their instructions, and write the exam as scheduled. You will not be required to be on campus to write it.

If you are prevented from writing your remote, online exam:

If you face any extenuating circumstance that prevents you from writing the exam remotely, you must request an academic concession as soon as possible and within 48 hours of the originally scheduled time.

If you have valid grounds for concession, your request will be approved, and you will be expected to write your exam in person at the rescheduled time (see below). Only students approved for an academic concession can write the rescheduled exam.

 Apply for academic concession

Students registered with the Centre for Accessibility (CFA) who require exam accommodations that cannot be facilitated through a remote exam should plan to write the exam at the rescheduled sitting, with the assurance that the CFA will offer the appropriate support.

Please note that once you have started an exam, the grade you earn will stand. You will not be given another opportunity to increase your mark.

If an exam has been rescheduled

If your in-person exam has been cancelled and a remote exam sitting is not available, you should continue to prepare for the exam. You will be expected to write the exam in person when campus reopens.

Cancelled exams are rescheduled by Enrolment Services as follows:

  • Winter Term 1 examinations will be rescheduled for the Saturday (and when necessary, the Sunday) following the first full week of classes in Winter Term 2.
  • Winter Term 2 and Summer examinations will be rescheduled on the day(s) following the last day of the formal final exam period for that term.

The location, time, and date for your rescheduled exam will be posted at Your rescheduled exam will also be listed in your exam schedule on the SSC (Student Service Centre).

If you are prevented from completing your rescheduled exam in person:

The Undergraduate Office will send you a survey to impacted students via email and determine their eligibility to write any rescheduled COMM, COHR, COMR, and COEC exam(s) remotely. Your instructor may post an announcement on Canvas informing you about this survey.

If you are unable to be on campus to write a rescheduled exam in person, please complete the survey at the link found in the email you receive. The survey link will not be published so you will not be able to access it elsewhere.

It is important to note that no time-zone accommodation will be made for rescheduled exams written remotely.

The Centre for Accessibility (CFA) will provide support to eligible students, with approved exam accommodations, for exams rescheduled by Enrolment Services. You must be a registered client of CFA to receive this support.

Frequently Asked Questions

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