Requesting Documentation

Your UBC transcript and diploma are official documents issued by the university to affirm your academic record and completion of degree program, respectively.

On occasion, you may be asked by a third-party to provide additional documentation regarding your studies at UBC, such as when applying to extend your study permit or proving your credentials to a potential employer. This is typically provided in the form of a letter from the school which may, for example, confirm:

  • your status as a registered, full-time student
  • your expected program completion date
  • your completion of degree requirements
  • conferral of your degree 

You can download some of these letters on demand from the Student Service Centre (SSC), but others must be requested from the Undergraduate Office (UGO).

Proof of enrolment (SSC)
Proof of enrolment with additional information (UGO)
Program completion before your degree is conferred (UGO)
Program completion after your degree is conferred (SSC)
Request for authorized leave for international undergraduate students (UGO)

How do I order an official transcript?

You can request copies of your transcript for a fee through the Student Service Centre or in person at Enrolment Services in Brock Hall. Additional options are available for same day pick-up, electronic transfer, and shipping by courier.

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