COHR 308 - Labour Relations

This course will take students through the legal context and key elements of the administration of collective agreements. This will require that we survey the key provisions of the Labour Relations Code of BC and relevant decisions and policies of the Labour Relations Board. Then the course will turn to the contents of collective agreements and the grievance process and arbitration. The course will conclude by considering approaches to improving the process of contract administration and the union-management relationship.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • describe the legal framework of the Labour Relations Code.
  • discuss the contrasting perspectives & interests of unions and management.
  • identify the features of grievance procedures & grievance arbitration.
  • discuss leading arbitral principles in the areas of discipline, seniority & contract interpretation.
  • discuss efforts to improve contract administration & labour relations.

Note: COHR 308 will not be offered in 2021W.

Prerequisite: COMM 292 and one of COMM 203, COMM 392.

Course credits:

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