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Learn the do’s and don’ts of negotiating offers 

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Your hard work has paid off, and you’ve received a job offer!

While this is undoubtedly exciting, it’s best to avoid accepting job offers immediately. Give yourself time to consider whether the offer is really what you want. And if it isn’t, there may be room to negotiate.

But how do you go about negotiating? Review the Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre's (BCC) below resources for guidance.

Ways to get started

Self-guided toolkits designed for UBC Sauder students

Navigating the Offer Toolkit

Navigating the Offer Toolkit

Negotiating job offers doesn’t come without risks, but the payoff can be worth it.

Learn about the risks and benefits of negotiation and how to navigate different offers. This Toolkit provides you with example scripts to use with employers and tips about things other than the salary you can negotiate.

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Additional Resources

Understanding what people with your experience level get paid relative to the industry, company, and role is helpful. Researching multiple sources is a crucial first step. We recommend starting with:

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SEAT (Sauder Employment Analytics Tool): Explore SEAT’s Research Tools to find data about the jobs UBC Sauder alumni land up to 6 months after graduation:

  • Outcomes Index: Compare compensation & number of offers accepted by UBC Sauder grads for different employers, industries, etc.
  • Salary Database: Compare new grad salary data for different industries, employers, cities, etc.
  • Class Overview: Find employment outcome data by graduation year and program

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Navigate Your Career Journey

Trying to figure out what type of work interests you? Or maybe you’re wondering what resources can help you achieve your goals? No matter where you are in your unique career journey, you can use our career development model to help navigate your personal and professional goals at UBC Sauder and beyond.

You can also use:

  • Glassdoor and Indeed for anonymous salary ranges posted from current and former employees
  • PayScale and salary databases
  • Job descriptions of similar roles from similar companies
  • Informational interviews (ask for the average salary, not the actual salary of the person you’re talking to)
  • Professional organizations

LinkedIn Learning

Enhance your skills with LinkedIn Learning to help you achieve your goals. All degree-seeking UBC Vancouver students have access to LinkedIn Learning, where you can build skills, browse career ideas, and achieve your personal goals. Register to access over 16,000+ free courses covering topics such as ways to improve your strategic communication skills. negotiating your compensation package, and more.

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