Communication Development Programs

The Canaccord Learning Commons offers a variety of programs to help students develop their communication skills throughout their time at UBC Sauder.

Writing Coaching

  • Starting January 13th, 2020:  Monday through Friday, 12pm-4pm
  • Location: The CLC in room 219.
  • Register in COOL.

Professional Communication Coaches are available for one-on-one writing appointments to help with planning, idea development, tone, stylistic improvement, and error recognition.  Any genre of writing is suitable. However this is not an editing service and attendees are expected to participate actively in the conversation.

Attendees must bring a printed copy of their work to review during their appointment.  Possible writing samples include a draft of an academic assignment, a cover letter, a professional email, etc

Speaking Coaching

  • Starting January 14th, 2020: Tuesday, 2pm-5pm & Thursday, 10am-1pm
  • Location: The CLC in room 314.
  • Register in COOL.

Professional Communication Coaches are available for one-on-one or small-group appointments to help with all elements of professional verbal communication - from voice clarity/volume/pronunciation, through to idea organization and content refinement.

Attendees should bring a specific academic or career-based topic that they wish to work on during their appointment.  Possible topics include an upcoming individual or group presentation, a set of interview questions, or an article to frame the conversation.  Alternately, the Coach can select a topic for impromptu practice.

Professional Communication Workshops

  • Times vary, see COOL and/or chart below
  • Register in COOL. 

Small talk and conversation skills

Do you want to connect with people in a variety of situations but you don’t know how to begin?  Do you feel awkward at networking events when you don’t know what to say? Do you want to become a better conversationalist?

This workshop will help you more comfortably begin, join, leave, or extend a conversation, as well as learn how to leverage your body language in a professional setting – particularly at networking events.

Impromptu speaking practice

Do you want to be prepared for an upcoming presentation, interview, or public speaking opportunity?Do you want to improve your ability to think fast and put your thoughts into words?  Come select a topic and start speaking!

 At this practice-based workshop, you will receive feedback on all parts of your speaking (content, grammar, pronunciation/enunciation, and overall delivery).  This workshop provides excellent practice for anyone looking to improve their narrative/story telling abilities for upcoming job interviews, impromptu speaking assignments, and groups like Toastmasters.

 Speaking Professionally Workshops, rotating topics

Speaking Professionally workshops focus on providing an opportunity to practice and receive feedback on verbal business communication in a specific situation or setting.

 Topics rotate on a weekly basis, and include:

  • Get ready for a coffee chat – better understand the social and cultural expectations behind a coffee chat.
  • Improve your interview skills – practice responding to common interview questions and learn to describe yourself effectively in a professional manner.
  • Make a positive first impression– consider the role that your communication skills and body language play in how faculty, staff, peers, and employers come to develop a first impression.
  • Understand the mechanics of English pronunciation – if you are learning English as an additional language,pronunciation, enunciation, and intonation can be challenging; this workshop will provide space to learn and practice English language communication.
  • Improve your presentations – body language and confidence when speaking in front of a group are critical to success academically and in the workplace, this workshop will provide an opportunity to receive feedback and learn about presentation best practices.

Writing Professionally Workshops, rotating topics

Writing Professionally workshops focus on providing an opportunity to practice and receive feedback on various formats of written business communication.

 Topics rotate on a weekly basis, and include:

  • Improve your personal statement – most applications, whether for grad school, an academic exchange program, or a job application, will require a personal statement, so learn to make the most of the word limit when describing yourself
  • Learn to write a professional blog – consider how to improve your online presence with a professional blog or other web-related business content.
  • Learn to write a persuasive email – improve your written sales techniques and learn how to more effectively pitch something – be it an idea or even yourself.
  • Improve your business emails – receive pointers on business email best practices, including how to KISS (keep it short & simple)
  • Improve your sentence structure – make your writing easier to read, and more engaging, by learning to vary your sentence length and structure.
  • Understand common writing errors – learn about the most common writing errors, and consider how to reduce these errors in your own writing


Term 2 Workshop Schedule:


Workshop 1 (Monday, 4pm-5pm – CLC 314)

Workshop 2 (Tuesday, 12:30pm-1:30pm – CLC 314)

Workshop 3 (Wednesday, 4pm-5pm – CLC 314)

Workshop 4 (Thursday, 1pm-2pm – CLC 314)

January 13-17

Small Talk and Conversation Skills

Impromptu Speaking Practice

Speaking Professionally

(Get ready for a coffee chat)

Writing Professionally

(Learn to write a professional business blog)

January 20-24

Writing Professionally

(Improve your personal statement)

Small Talk and Conversation Skills

Impromptu Speaking Practice

Speaking Professionally

(Improve your interview skills)

January 27-31

Speaking Professionally

(Make a positive first impression)

Writing Professionally

(Learn to write a persuasive email)

Small Talk and Conversation Skills

Impromptu Speaking Practice


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