Communication Development Programs

Writing Coaching:

CLC Communication Coaches are available for one-on-one writing appointments to help with planning, idea development, tone, stylistic improvement, and error recognition.

Come visit David, our resident Writing Coach, this Fall!

*Please refer to the 'Communication Programing' section in the 'CLC: Online' canvas course for more details and registration information.  Current students can find the 'CLC: Online' in Canvas alongside their courses.*

 Check out these student success stories on how are our communication coaching can help you!:

Professional Communication Workshops:

Professional Communication Workshops are a series of 3 distinct programs offered by the CLC and are led by Professional Communication Coaches, who are experienced student leaders within Sauder. More detailed information about workshop times and registration can be found through the Communications Programming page in the CLC: Online Canvas course. 

This program consists of the following workshops:

 Speaking on the Spot:

Speaking on the Spot workshops are the perfect opportunity for students to build on their public speaking and impromptu speaking skills. Students learn and practice, while also receiving insightful feedback from peers in an encouraging and safe environment. These free weekly workshops, which  focus on a new topic every week, progressively challenge students throughout the term to develop their comfort level and skill set by providing opportunities to practice and engage with others.

English Conversation Circles: 

English Conversation Circles are casual and friendly weekly discussion sessions that allow students to practice conversational English skills and connect with peers outside of a formal or academic setting. The sessions are designed to focus on everyday topics that support English Language Learners as well as new-comerrs to Vancouver and Canada. English Conversation Circles are free to attend. 

 Weekly Session Topics Include:

  • Things to do in Vancouver and within British Columbia

  • Activities at UBC

  • Food, restaurants and holidays

  • Canadian customs

  • Games and sports

  • Getting to know new people

  • Preparing for Canadian weather

  • Much more!

NEW! Professional Communication Skills Certificate:

The Professional Communication Skills Certificate program is a series of 10 workshops where students will learn and practice comprehensive professional communication etiquette. Session topics are developed to complement the current needs and trends in professional settings. Students will receive a certificate of completion after attending all 10 sessions. More information about session topics and how to complete this program can be found in the Professional Communication Skills Certificate section in 'CLC: Online'. 

Sign-up and reservation information for all 3 Professional Communication workshops will be posted on Canvas through the CLC: Online Calendar. Reserve a spot by selecting 'CLC: Online' and finding available appointments on the Canvas Calendar. 


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