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Explore different career paths & start your career planning today! 

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Are you interested in learning about different industries? Or maybe you’re wondering what skills and experiences can equip you for your chosen career path.

Check out the career exploration resources below to develop a more robust understanding of:

  • How and where to do career research
  • Different career paths and what they involve
  • Ways to get support with career exploration

Ways to get started

Self-guided toolkits designed for UBC Sauder students

Career Research Toolkit

Career Research Toolkit

Whether you have a solid career goal or are still figuring things out, researching is essential to building a fulfilling career.

Find recommended resources, questions to ask, and tools for doing your research.

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Role Alignment Toolkit

Role Alignment Toolkit

As you search for jobs, it’s helpful to know if the jobs you're finding align with your career goals and if you align with the job’s requirements.

This toolkit highlights which industries require certain grades, what to think about for locations, and when professional designations are needed. 

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Access additional Career Toolkits on other career-related topics like resumes, cover letters, and interviews on COOL.

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Working In Guides

Working In guides: download on COOL

Curious about what different career paths have to offer? Check out the BCC's Working In guides on COOL for a deep dive into the following fields:

  • Accounting: learn about different accounting practices, what Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are, how to become a CPA, salaries, recruitment cycles, etc.
  • Business Analytics: learn about what analytics professionals do, different business analytics opportunities, skills & qualities employers look for, etc.
  • Climate & Environmental Impact: learn about climate-related career opportunities for business students, key concepts & frameworks, company environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings, etc.
  • Consulting: learn about different consulting opportunities, different types of consulting firms, ways to get experience, salaries, etc.
  • Finance: learn about different types of finance practices, the difference between "sell-side" and "buy-side", key employers, etc.
  • Marketing: learn about the wide variety of marketing opportunities available, how to advance your marketing career, recruitment trends, etc.
  • Operations & Logistics (OPLOG): learn what OPLOG professionals do, different types of opportunities in the field, career progression, salaries, etc.

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Career resources for historically marginalized students

Campus partners have teamed up to create career resources for Indigenous students, students of colour, students with disabilities and LGBTQ2SIA+ students. These guides cover answers to your FAQs and link you to campus and community resources to help you thrive. Check them out!

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Vault Career Guides & Rankings

Find in-depth intelligence on what it's really like to work in different industries, companies, or professions. With Vault, you get unlimited access to:

  • Career Guides & Advice: Access guides on a wide range of industries and roles, along with interviewing and networking tips
  • Company Rankings & Profiles: Find insider information on where people love to work and what might make an employer the right fit for you
  • Jobs & Internships: Find opportunities and get all the details on top internship programs
  • Exclusive Events: Discover career fairs where you can meet and interview with employers

How to access Vault

The BCC provides all BCom students free access to Vault to support their career exploration. Follow the below steps:

  1. Login to COOL
  2. Click on Resources in the top navigation
  3. Scroll down, then click the Vault link > Get Started > Register now
  4. Complete the registration form using your preferred email address
  5. Create your profile to tailor the content you want to see and more

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LinkedIn Learning

Enhance your skills with LinkedIn Learning to help you achieve your goals. All degree-seeking UBC Vancouver students have access to LinkedIn Learning, where you can build skills, browse career ideas, and achieve your personal goals. Register to access over 16,000+ free courses covering topics such as how to research career options, different career paths, and more.


LinkedIn Guys Masterclass

Interested in using ChatGPT for career exploration but don't know where to start? Check out the LinkedIn Guys Masterclass: Bonus Resources, which includes:

  • "How to Use ChatGPT to Find the Perfect Career"
  • “ChatGPT for Career Exploration Next Steps”

Access the LinkedIn Guys Masterclass for free from the BCC by enrolling, creating a new account and completing your purchase with a 100% discount coupon automatically applied at checkout.

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Networking Resources

Talking with people working in areas you’re interested in is a great way to increase your understanding of working in different careers.

Learn best practices and tips for connecting with professionals and building your network here.

Want more support?

Stop by Drop-in to chat with the BCC’s team of Career Peer Advisors:

When: Weekdays during the term, 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Where: CPA Hall, in front of the BCC.

Or, book a coaching & advising appointment on COOL for personalized 1:1 support.

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Navigate Your Career Journey

Trying to figure out what type of work interests you? Or maybe you’re wondering what resources can help you achieve your goals? No matter where you are in your unique career journey, you can use our career development model to help navigate your personal and professional goals at UBC Sauder and beyond.

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