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Wondering what types of jobs are available to you with your degree, or struggling to choose an option? The links below will give you an overview of the UBC BCom option areas and the types of careers that are generally associated with them. You'll find details on employment outlook, skill sets, average salaries, common job titles and further resources for each field. Start exploring what interests you.


Whether you aspire to be an auditor with one of the Big 4 accounting firms or want to start a business with an unbeatable revenue model, an option in Accounting will equip you with a solid understanding of the inner workings of a business.

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Business Technology

Being able to leverage technologies to meet and predict the changing needs of customers is pivotal to succeeding in today’s competitive business environment. This option gives you the best of both worlds – a business background and knowledge in information systems, project management, IT consulting and more.

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If you're interested in problem-solving and strategic planning, the fast-paced world of consulting offers you tremendous opportunities for professional growth. Consultants research and analyze information and come up with strategic solutions for a variety of clients, making this a demanding, dynamic, and rewarding career.

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Entrepreneurship involves disruptive thinking and action - crucial not only to those wanting to create new ventures but also to growing or changing existing companies. If you’re inquisitive, resilient, and comfortable with ambiguity, this might be the option for you.

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From social impact investing to investment banking, corporate finance, financial planning and more, an option in Finance equips you with the skills and knowledge to help individuals and organizations reach their unique financial goals.

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General Business

Do you see yourself as a generalist, able to move within organizations as different needs arise? This option is designed to meet the needs of the ever-evolving business community and give you a broad understanding of the interconnectedness of different business functions within an organization.

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Human Resources

Do you want to help businesses succeed and individuals realize their full potential? Human capital is often a company’s most invaluable asset, and it is difficult to retain talent in today’s fast-changing world. Whether you’re interested in labor relations, training, and development or change management, and OBHR career can be very rewarding.

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International Business

With the rapid globalization of marketplaces, businesses find themselves faced with international, linguistic, and cross-cultural challenges. In combining business, language, and international studies with a study abroad opportunity, you will enter the workforce with exposure to, and knowledge of, the international environment.

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Marketing interacts with nearly every aspect of business. A degree in Marketing gives you the tools to help businesses understand its target audiences and develop communication strategies to attract and retain customers. From market research to public relations and brand management, career opportunities in Marketing are varied and adaptable.

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Operations and Logistics

Logistics is the flow of goods, information, and money throughout an organization. This option is designed to prepare you for careers with operational and logistics functions in manufacturing, distribution firms, and government departments at all levels. Great communication and negotiation skills go far in this field.

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Real Estate

With international demand for people in the real estate industry, this valuable option provides a broad education in economic, financial, legal, public policy, and strategic aspects of real estate markets. From real estate agents to mortgage analysts, a degree in Real Estate prepares you with the skills to embark on a lucrative career.

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