COHR 433 - Employment Law

This course examines the statutory and common law rules that govern the non-union employment relationship (COHR 308 examines the employment relationship in unionized workplaces). Since approximately 90% of the Canadian workforce falls under provincial jurisdiction, we will focus on British Columbia employment legislation including the Employment Standards Act and the Human Rights Code as well as certain constitutional law principles (especially, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms). In addition, the course will examine the common law rules that govern the employment relationship from its inception to termination. These rules include the law regarding “wrongful hiring”, implied terms and conditions of employment, “wrongful dismissal” and post-employment obligations (fiduciary duties/restrictive covenants).

Learning objectives

By taking this course, students will:

  • acquire a comprehensive understanding of the role of government in regulating the employment relationship.
  • learn about how these statutes are applied in practice.
  • develop an analytical framework for interpreting cases that involve these statutes.

Prerequisite: COMM 292 and one of COMM 203, COMM 392.

Course credits:

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