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Last updated: June 5, 2024

Most students will be able to self-declare their option (specialization) on Workday Student when they attain a Year 3 class standing (year level).

We encourage you to declare your option as soon as you’re eligible. This will assist you in planning your saved schedules and ensure your access to required courses for your chosen option when your registration opens.

You can register in one option only.

Students who are unable to self-declare their option can submit an option declaration request.

How to self-declare your option

To declare your option, review the video tutorial on this page and the Workday tutorial Declaring or changing your primary major, honours, or specialization. When following the steps in these tutorials, note that your current program of study is Bachelor of Commerce (Vancouver). Click on the white Request button in the right-most column of that row to proceed. Do not select the orange Add Program of Study button.

Once you’ve declared your option, you won’t be able to change it yourself in Workday.

Self-declaration requirements for Accounting and Finance

Space in these options is limited, so students pursuing either one of these options must achieve minimum grades in prerequisite courses to self-declare:

  • For Accounting, a minimum grade of 60% in each of COMM 293 and COMM 294
  • For Finance, a minimum grade of 67% in each of COMM 190, COMM 191, COMM 293, COMM 294, COMM 295, and COMM 298

Option declaration request form

You can request assistance if you’re unable to self-declare your option in Workday if any of the following scenarios apply to you:

  • You transferred to third year from another institution – Year 3 transfer students who are new to UBC do not have access in Workday to self-declare options until September. Assuming you are eligible for the option that you are requesting, the UGO will add you to that option so that you are able to register in your required option courses when your registration opens.
  • You have transfer credit for one or more courses for which minimum grades are required (Accounting or Finance) – Workday is unable to check transfer credit grades for the option selection process. The UGO will review grades achieved in applicable transfer courses to determine your eligibility if you are requesting Accounting or Finance
  • You did not achieve minimum grades in one or more courses required for Accounting or Finance – Your request will be prioritized based on your previous academic performance if space remains once eligible students have declared. We cannot guarantee a decision prior to your registration appointment.
  • For 2024W only: You did not complete one of the prerequisite courses required for Accounting or Finance – As this is the first year for which new option requirements take effect, we will consider circumstances in which students are still missing one of the required courses for either option, with the exception of COMM 298 which must be completed to take COMM 370 and COMM 371 in Winter Term 1. If we can add you to either option, it will not waive the uncompleted course from your degree requirements nor as a prerequisite to subsequent option courses.

Option Declaration request form  

Option switches

If you’ve just self-declared your option in Workday, but have decided to pursue a different option instead, please submit the option declaration request form to initiate the change.

While it may be possible to switch options once you’ve reached Year 4, space is often limited. Typically, we won’t consider a switch request if you’ve completed more than two courses required for your current option. We will not consider any requests as a means to complete a double option.

Workday Student

Please visit our Workday Student webpage for additional information and resources to help you navigate UBC’s new student information system.

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