As a UBC student, you are expected to regularly attend all of your classes, including associated lectures, labs, tutorials, seminars, and any other course-related activities.

University courses progress at a rapid pace. Your instructors will cover a significant amount of content each week—any absences from class may affect your participation grade and your understanding of the material covered in class.

In the event that you are unable to attend a class, it’s your responsibility to complete any missed readings and coursework. Requests for academic concession will only be considered in circumstances of legitimate absence. Furthermore, instructors reserve the right to exclude students from final examinations if they have been unjustifiably absent from class or have neglected their academic work and assignments.

UBC attendance policy  

Legitimate absences, missed coursework, and missed exams

If you miss coursework, midterms, final exams, or have extenuating circumstances affecting your ability to attend classes regularly or affecting your performance in your courses, please refer to the instructions regarding requesting an academic concession.

Learn more about academic concession

Late registration

While UBC provides the flexibility for you to register for most courses up to two weeks after their start date, you must accept certain responsibilities when joining a course that is already underway. Some things to consider before registering:

  • It's your responsibility to learn any material that has already been taught. This will involve self-study. While your instructor may be available during office hours to answer questions, they will not have time to re-teach all of the material that has already been discussed before you started attending the course. The onus is on you to catch up.
  • Many courses at UBC Sauder require active participation in class. You must complete all previously assigned readings and coursework at your earliest opportunity so that you are fully prepared to contribute to class discussions and engage in group work.
  • Some instructors discourage late registration in their courses if group work or assignments are required during the first two weeks. Talk to your instructor as soon as you join the class. They may recommend that you take their course at a later date so that you can attend classes from the start of term.

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