Business Law Concentration

Explore the relevant and specific legal topics that underpin and inform the business world.

Course requirements

Completion of the Business Law concentration does not require pre-approval or special admission. If you would like to pursue this concentration, complete a total of 12 credits of business law-related courses as listed below.

The 12 credits also count toward fulfillment of your electives requirement, but note that COMM and COHR courses cannot be counted as non-Commerce electives. 

If the courses you take for a concentration overlap with the courses you take for an option or minor, you can double count a maximum of 3 credits of coursework in your degree toward both the concentration and one of either one option or one minor. 

After you've applied to graduate, the Undergraduate Office (UGO) provide instructions for how to declare the concentration so that it will appear on your academic transcript.

Business Law requirements
6 credits from:
COHR 4331
Employment Law
COMM 434
Land Law
3 credits from:
COMM 4312
Law of Business Organizations and Corporate Governance
LAW 4593
Business Organizations
3 credits from:
ECON 367
Economic Analysis of Law
LASO 204
Introduction to Law and Society
LAW 3163
International Law
LAW 3343
Introduction to Asian Legal Systems
PHIL 331Business and Professional Ethics
PHIL 338Philosophy of Law
1 COHR 433 can be counted toward both the Business Law concentration and the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources option. A maximum of three credits of coursework within your degree can be applied to fulfill both option and concentration requirements.
2 Formerly titled Law of Business Associations.
3 Approval to take Law courses is at the discretion of the Peter A. Allard School of Law and subject to your academic readiness and available space in courses. See below for instructions on how to request registration.

Taking LAW courses offered by the Peter A. Allard School of Law

Courses offered by the Allard School of Law are academically rigorous. They will require you to devote significant time and effort to do well. Be aware that your performance in these courses can impact a future application to law school and your ability to secure related employment opportunities. 

Completion of a Law course cannot be applied toward any future Allard Law degree (i.e., credits cannot be double counted).

Law course schedule

Law courses at UBC are administered by the Peter A. Allard School of Law. Courses and timetables offered for 2023-24 are posted on the Allard Law website

Law course availability and request process

Juris Doctor (law) students will register for most of their courses during the first two weeks of July. LAW 459, LAW 316, and LAW 334 are popular among law students. Only after law students have registered will students in other programs be considered for any remaining seats, if any. 

To request registration you must complete and return to Allard Law a Permission for a Non-Law Student to Register in a Law Course according to the instructions in the form and by the deadlines for each term as specified:

  • August 4, 2023 for Fall Term courses
  • November 24, 2023 for Spring Term courses

The form must also be signed by an academic advisor in the UBC Sauder Undergraduate Office before you submit it to Allard Law. Although the form states that non-law students cannot apply to take LAW 459 Business Organizations, this rule does not apply to BCom students who are completing the Business Law concentration. Advisors will only approve forms for students in Year 3 or above.

With the form you are required to attach a separate page on which you briefly indicate (i) your reasons for taking the course and (ii) why you feel academically prepared to take the course. By completing and submitting this form, you are allowing UBC Law to access your UBC academic record.

The Law Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, will review all requests after the submission deadline. If your request is approved, Allard Academic Services staff will register you in the LAW course(s) and notify you by email on the first day of the term in which the class will be held.

Law course examinations and grading rules

BCom students are subject to the same Allard Law Examination and Grading rules as law students.

Allard Law Academic Services internally schedules and manages all Allard Law examinations. Because law exams are not scheduled by Enrolment Services, they will not be published on the Student Service Centre with your other final exams. The Law December and April exam schedules will be posted on the Allard website well before Enrolment Services schedules exams for other courses. If you have an exam conflict with a Law course and a non-Law course, you are expected to write the Law exam as scheduled. You must make arrangements to write the non-Law course exam at another time. If you have a conflict, please report it to the Undergraduate Office immediately so that we can assist you with alternate exam arrangements.

Will the Business Law concentration appear on my transcript?

Yes! Successful completion of the Business Law concentration will be noted on your transcript after graduation.

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