UGO Student Experience Grants

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Submit an online application by January 28, 2024 for Term 2 funding. Applications are now closed.

We're committed to ensuring you make the most of your student experience. Funding is available to support you to engage experiential learning opportunities and create new student-led initiatives.

Grants are available to partially offset expenses for a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • Participating in a volunteer or service learning program
  • Competing in a case competition
  • Attending a conference
  • Organizing a new event, program or service that benefits other BCom students

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Students currently registered in the BCom program or BUCS program (Combined Major in Business and Computer Science)
  • Students in good academic standing

Application Process

Submit an online application by the stated deadlines. All applicants will be notified no later than October 16, 2023 for Term 1 funding and by February 12, 2024 for Term 2 funding. Successful applicants will be required to submit a photo of the experience/event and a letter of impact outlining the skills they developed through the funded experience, along with an overview of the experience/event.

If granted funding, individual applicants are not permitted to apply for funding again for a minimum of 2 academic years. For example, if funding is granted in the 2023-2024 academic year, the same student will not be considered for funding until 2025-2026. 

Academic concession will not be provided for any student who misses coursework or exams due to any of the funded experiences.

Eligible Experiences and Funding Guidelines

All applications are assessed on an individual basis. However, to give you a better idea of the types of experiences we have funded in the past and the funding guidelines we use when reviewing applications, please see the list below.

Participate in a volunteer or service learning program
Compete in a case competition
Attend a conference
Organize a new event, program or service that benefits other BCom students


  • Major transportation refers to the transportation it takes to get to the destination (flights, train etc) and is determined based on the cost of a reasonable economy itinerary. We do not cover expenses for local transportation such uber, taxis, buses or subways.
  • Accommodation refers to the cost of reasonable economy hotel rooms or air bnbs, for the duration of the event plus 1 night.
  • We do not cover the expenses for food, souvenirs, hotel incidentals or personal activities.

Past Recipients

Unsure about what kinds of experiences to pursue? Here's how a past recipient used their grant to develop their professional skills and enhance their learning.

  • Carman Cheung
  • Jeffrey Low
  • Maggie Tomlinson
  • Mariia Radaeva
  • Yuting Dai & Ciro Wei

Carman Cheung

Carman Cheung received funds to attend the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference

UGO Student Experience Grant recipient, Carman Cheung

How did the experience impact you?

Thanks to the UBC Sauder Student Experience Grant and UBC CUS CCF, I spent the weekend of March 23-24, 2024 attending the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference held by Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. At this conference, I learned so much about the relationships between businesses and sustainability. The most impactful panel I learned from was the Gender-Lens Investing: The Next Decade. At this panel, I heard from powerful, experienced, and smart women who shared their experiences in impact investing, micro-investing, and as women investors. It was so refreshing to see these women and hear the lessons they learned throughout their journey in investing.

I came out of this conference weekend inspired and feeling more motivated to change the world in the ways that I can. The Social Enterprise Conference made me more optimistic about the future of businesses and allowed me to see the world more optimistically. A large part of the conference was the vast network and how many passionate and successful individuals there were. I got the opportunity to speak with CEOs, activists, and government officials.

Jeffrey Low

UGO Student Experience Grant recipient, Jeffrey Low

Jeffrey Low received funding to host a new event, Soar Startup Pitch Competition, designed to showcase entrepreneurial talent and innovative ideas in Sauder.

How did the experience impact you?

I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to lead Soar and for the immense support of the Undergraduate Office, through generously providing the $1,500 Student Experience Grant. At the time of organizing Soar, UBC Startups was not an AMS affiliated organization, so we relied on the financial support of the UGO Student Experience Grant to host the event for the community.

As an aspiring startup founder, it is paramount that I develop a track record of successful projects I can demonstrate my ability to build and innovate. Soar was the greatest test of my entrepreneurial ability so far because it was the largest event we have hosted.

It is heartwarming to know that my vision for UBC as a hub in North America for student entrepreneurship is becoming a reality. By bringing $15,000 in external funding to fuel student-run startups and creating a platform that challenges them to strive for excellence, I firmly believe this event will help spark the next wave of innovation on campus.

Maggie Tomlinson

Maggie received funding to host the first ever Indigenous Business Conference, in partnership with the AMS Indigenous Business Association. 

Photo of Maggie Tomlinson

UGO Student Experience Grant recipient, Maggie Tomlinson

How did this experience impact you?

The UGO Student Experience Grant provided an invaluable opportunity not only for me but also for over 30 BCom students to actively participate in a day dedicated to economic reconciliation. This funding marked a significant milestone for our club, serving as the initial support we received for the conference and igniting hope that our vision of hosting such an event could be possible. We had the chance to connect, learn, and meet Indigenous panel speakers, Indigenous high school students, and firm representatives. There were 3 rounds of panelist speaker focusing on Indigenous perspectives on economic reconciliation and highlighting the impactful work of these individuals. The Indigenous Business Association anticipates organizing more successful conferences, with the aim of engaging a broader audience of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students interested in gaining insights into Indigenous business practices.

Mariia Radaeva

Photo of Mariia Radaeva

UGO Student Experience Grant recipient, Mariia Radaeva

Mariia received funding to host a new event, the Innovation Fair, in partnership with Innovation OnBoard.

How did the experience impact you?

The experience of organizing the Innovation Fair has profoundly impacted my personal and professional development. It sharpened my leadership skills, teaching me the nuances of event management, teamwork, and effective communication. On a personal level, it was a journey of growth, filled with learning opportunities from mentors and peers alike, which ignited a deep-seated passion for innovation within me. Professionally, this experience has enriched my resume and provided a compelling narrative for job interviews, showcasing my ability to lead, innovate, and inspire. The skills and confidence gained have opened new doors and have been pivotal in shaping my career path.

Yuting Dai & Ciro Wei

Photo of Yuting Dai & Ciro Wei

UGO Student Experience Grant recipients, Yuting Dai & Ciro Wei

Yuting and Ciro both received funding to participate in the AIESEC Canada National Congress 2024.

How did the experience impact you?

Yuting: it was my first time being in the capital of Canada, and I got to meet some of the most inspiring young leaders from across the country (TMU, U of Calgary, U of T, etc.). We shared our personal stories, our AIESEC journeys, our new ideas for this organization and eventually why we stay and connect with the AIESEC values — cross-cultural understanding and leadership. It gives me chills everyday meeting people who are similarly passionate about creating a real impact on people and the world, and seeing how our passion is translated into actions and operations numbers

Ciro: The National Congress was a transformative event where I had the privilege of not only participating but also being recognized with the prestigious National Contribution Award in AIESEC in Canada, sponsored by RBC Future Launch. This acknowledgment of my year-long dedication and growth within AIESEC was immensely gratifying, reinforcing my commitment to furthering my impact while leveraging AIESEC's partnership with RBC Future Launch. Professionally, the conference provided a platform for me to hone essential skills such as pitching, public speaking, and leadership. Through various sessions and activities, I had the opportunity to practice and refine these skills, equipping me with valuable tools for my future endeavors.

Other available sources of funding

You may also be eligible for one or more of the following sources of funding at UBC. Consider applying for the grants that are most applicable to your individual or group need:

CUS Competition and Conference Fund (CCF)
The UBC & AMS Global Fund
AMS Fund
Walter Gage Memorial Fund
CCEL Grants for Community Projects
UBC Community Engagement Funding
UBC Sauder EDI Action Fund

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