Academic Integrity

What is Academic Integrity?

Academic Integrity is a fundamental part of a student’s experience in university and academia. Academic integrity is a part of personal integrity – and asks students to ensure that they are upholding the values of fairness, honesty, respect, responsibility, trust, and courage in their academic work. Learning how to express original ideas, cite sources, work independently, and report results accurately and honestly are skills that carry you beyond your university experience to serve you in the workforce.

Want to learn more about academic integrity?

Check our UBC’s Academic Integrity Hub for information on:

Avoiding Academic Integrity Incidents

There are many helpful resources to help students meet academic and integrity expectations during their time at UBC Sauder. Check out the sidebar for a list of free academic support resources available to UBC students. 

It’s important to note that academic integrity incidents are strongly linked to periods of stress and anxiety for students. We highly recommend that students also review the Health & Wellness resources available in addition to UBC Sauder’s Academic Concession policy and procedures.

Questions about academic integrity at UBC?

UBC Sauder has an Academic Integrity Officer, which helps promote academic integrity in our learning community. Students are encouraged to reach out to if they have any questions or concerns!

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