If you've completed all of your degree requirements, it's time to graduate. Congratulations!

Preparing for graduation

You’ve worked hard to get here so let’s make it an awesome occasion for you, your proud family and friends.

Graduation ceremonies are held annually in May and November. You must complete your degree requirements by the end of August to be eligible to graduate in the November ceremony or by the end of April to graduate in the May ceremony.

In order to graduate, you must complete the graduation application on the Student Service Centre (SSC). Apply by February 22 for the May ceremony or by September 14 for the November ceremony. 

Your application to graduate will be reviewed in April for the May ceremony or in October for the November ceremony. The final approval will be noted on your graduation application on the SSC approximately one week prior to the ceremony. Note that if you achieve a winter session average below 60% in your final year, you will be permitted to graduate, however, a notation of ‘Failed Year’ will appear on your academic transcript for that session.

You must complete your BCom degree requirements within six years of your original admission to the UBC Sauder School of Business. It’s up to you to make sure that you've fulfilled all program requirements when applying to graduate. If you're unsure, request a Degree Credit Check to make sure that you're on track.

Declaring a second option, minor, or concentration

Once the graduation application deadline has passed, the Undergraduate Office will send instructions to all applicants for how to affirm their expected completion of a second option, minor, or concentration, if applicable. At the time of graduation, completion of a second option, minor, or concentration will be noted on your transcript.

Degree with Honours

The words 'with Honours' will be placed on your transcript and your degree certificate if you meet the following conditions:

  • achieve an average of 80% or greater on all senior-level (300 and 400-level) Commerce courses (COMM and COHR).1 Senior-level (300 and 400-level) CPSC courses are also included for students in the Combined Major in Business & Computer Science. The average is calculated to 2 decimal points and is not rounded.
  • be registered in at least 27 percentage-graded credits during the winter session in at least one of Year 3 or Year 4 of the program.2
1 If you were registered in Year 2 or above during the 2014 Winter Session, COMM 203 (COMM 392 equivalent), COMM 204 (COMM 399 equivalent), and COMM 205 (COMM 391 equivalent) will be included in the calculation of your average. If you were in Year 1 during the 2014 Winter Session and took any of COMM 391, COMM 392, COMM 399 during the 2015 Summer Session or prior, your grades for those courses will not be used to determine eligibility to achieve a Degree with Honours.
2 If you're a Co-op student and you're registered at UBC for only one term in the winter session because of a Co-op placement, you must be in 15 percentage-graded credits in your non-Co-op term to be eligible. If you participate in an exchange program, your grades earned while on exchange will be included in the calculation.

If you're unable to calculate your eligibility to achieve a Degree with Honours yourself, you can confirm your Honours status at the Undergraduate Office after May 15.

UBC Sauder Alumni Network

As a graduate of the UBC Sauder School of Business you belong to an exclusive network of more than 40,000 business professionals in 80 countries around the globe. Members have access to exclusive events, services, and benefits.

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