COHR 407 - Advanced Organizational Consulting

This course is designed to build upon the frameworks covered in Introduction to Management Consulting and to sharpen your ability to diagnose and solve a broad range of organizational problems from the perspective of an organizational consultant. Through a sequence of readings, lectures, cases, experiential exercises, and a group project you will learn both the advanced theory and practice of organizational consulting. You are expected to show a high level of commitment to preparing for class each day. You should expect to come to class and be pushed to think actively.

Learning objectives

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • diagnose and solve a range of organizational problems from the perspective of a consultant.
  • demonstrate diagnostic skills to identify and articulate the client’s problem – including interview skills, analytical skills, and relationship skills.
  • develop problem solving skills to develop powerful solutions to consulting problems.
  • apply client relationship skills to handle difficult interpersonal situations.
  • use communications skills to present and defend solutions.
  • direct all of these skills to solve a consulting problem.

Note: COHR 407 will not be offered in 2021W.

Prerequisite: COMM 292, COHR 307 and one of COMM 203, COMM 392.

Course credits:

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