Registering for courses

Start with a plan

Before you register, carefully review your degree requirements and make a plan (and a backup plan) that includes all of your required and elective courses. Think ahead beyond the current year to make sure that you're taking any prerequisites now for courses you wish to take in later years.

Learn how to:

  • Find your registration date
  • Pay your registration deposit
  • Pick your courses, build your worklists, and register
  • Manage your registration

Find your registration date

UBC Enrolment Services will notify you of your specific registration date and time by email in June for the winter session and February for the summer session. Your winter session registration time is determined by your previous winter session average. Your summer session registration time is determined by your Term 1 average in the current winter session. The higher your average, the earlier your registration date and time will be.

Registration dates  

Pay your registration deposit

You must pay your registration deposit on the Student Service Centre (SSC) before you can register – this applies to both winter and summer sessions.

If you’re not planning to take courses in the summer session, do not pay the deposit – it’s non-refundable and can’t be transferred to another session. The same is true for the winter session, however, if you don’t take any courses or complete any co-op terms in either Term 1 or Term 2, you will be required to reapply to the BCom program.

Pick your courses, build your worklists, and register

Review your program requirements to see which courses to take and then log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC) to start building your worklists. Not sure how? Watch the video tutorials for detailed instructions.

Registration video tutorials  


It’s your responsibility to arrange a conflict-free timetable. To help, we’ve broken it all down into simple steps for each year. You'll also receive registration instructions specific to your year by email two weeks before your registration date.

Registering for Year 1
Registering for Year 2
Registering for Year 3
Registering for Year 4

Worklists and registered courses

Don’t confuse your worklists with your registered classes!

You must register for the courses in your worklist when your registration opens to officially be in them. If you make changes to your courses after you initially register, be sure that you're changing your registered course list and not one of your worklists.

Register for both terms as soon as your registration opens

When your registration opens, register for both terms – winter Term 1 (September to December) and winter Term 2 (January to April), or summer Term 1 (May to June) and summer Term 2 (July to August). Courses fill up quickly, so don’t delay.

Manage your registration

Add, drop, and switch sections in a course

You can make changes to your registered courses without a withdrawal (W) standing on your transcript until the deadline posted on the course schedule. When making changes to your registration, be sure that you’re updating your list of registered courses and not just a worklist.

Important: Review each course section’s withdrawal deadlines carefully. They vary depending on the duration and credit value of the course.

Withdraw from a course with a W standing

If you withdraw from a course after the first withdrawal deadline, a W standing will be noted on your transcript and you will receive only a partial refund for the course. You can withdraw with a W standing until the second withdrawal date posted for the section on the course schedule. Beyond then, you cannot drop the course.

If you need to withdraw from a course after the published deadline due to extenuating circumstances, speak with an advisor in the UGO. Supporting documentation is required.

How does a 'W' affect my academic standing?

Don’t be concerned about having a W standing on your transcript. It simply indicates that you withdrew from a course. Course withdrawals are not included in calculating your sessional or graduating averages. Remember though that you will not receive a full refund of your tuition past the first withdrawal deadline.

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