Learning and Studying Resources

On this page, you'll find a variety of learning and studying resources to support your academic needs. Click through the links to access toolkits, resource guides, and blog posts that can help you further your learning as a BCom student.

Learning and studying

Everyone has their own way of learning effectively, so what's yours? Take the learning quiz to gain some insight into your typical approach to learning and which methods may work for you!

Tutoring services
Studying and reviewing
Note-taking methods
Critical thinking
Using technology effectively
Office hours

Reading and writing

Reading textbooks
Research support
Academic integrity


Time and self-management

Time management
Concentration and focus

Assignments and class participation

Assignment calculator

Being a university student

Transition to university
Academic Essentials
Overcoming challenges

Do you know of any other academic resources and supports on campus that might be useful to BCom students? Let us know by emailing bcomquestions@sauder.ubc.ca

UBC Student Life Blog

No one knows students better than other students. Stay connected with students from other faculties and learn about the stories happening around you at UBC. Visit the UBC Student Life blog for study tips, student experiences, and general lifehacks, written for students, by students.

Additional resources and supports

Determine who to contact if your situation is preventing you from completing your coursework.

Equity & Inclusion Office

The Equity & Inclusion Office works with campus partners to create a university community in which human rights are respected and equity is embedded in all areas of academic, work and campus life. The website also includes information about Human Rights advising and religious accommodations for students.

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Centre for Accessibiliy

Accessibility Advisors can help if you have a disability or ongoing medical condition that you think will impact your academics or any other aspect of university life. Advisors can answer your accessibility questions and assess and facilitate accommodations to support all parts of your academic life, including exams, assignments, and classroom access. Appointments are available in person, over Zoom, and on the phone.

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UBC Counselling Services

If you're feeling persistently stressed, anxious, or sad, you can book a virtual, phone or in-person initial or follow-up appointment with UBC Sauder Counselling Services.

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Requesting academic concession

If you feel that a specific circumstance is affecting your studies and health, you may be eligible for an academic concession.

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