COMM 491 - Strategic Management

This course is taught from the perspective of a senior manager. It is a “capstone” course in that it builds on the knowledge that you have acquired in the many business and economic courses that you have already studied. It places emphasis on approaches that have been proven to work effectively. It is an opportunity for you to experience first hand, and participate in, the type of environment that you will encounter in the business world.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • be able to analyze a business situation using relevant tools and models effectively.
  • be able to develop solutions to strategically important issues and problems.
  • have an understanding of what it takes for a business to be successful.

Prerequisite: Starting in 2016W, COMM 390 and COMM 395 will be prerequisites to COMM 491, however, during 2016W and 2017S both prerequisites will be waived for students who have not yet completed them. In 2017W and subsequent sessions, both prerequisites will be strictly enforced.

Course credits:

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