COMM 105 - Values, Ethics, and Community (formerly COMM 186E)

COMM 105 will guide students in understanding their personal values, developing professionalism, and exploring their career interests. It will lay the foundation for their ongoing study of the roles and responsibilities of business at individual, organizational, and societal levels and for their active exploration of the myriad career paths through which to achieve their goals. COMM 105 is designed to engage students in shaping their unique experiences and in developing a sense of belonging, agency, and responsibility within the school, the university, and broader communities. This starts with the course’s team of instructors with diverse backgrounds and expertise and is reinforced throughout the term with a variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities for students to interact with business leaders, alumni, faculty and staff mentors, and senior UBC Sauder students.  

Note: This course was formerly numbered as COMM 186E. If you took this course in 2021W, this course will count towards your Commerce elective requirementsIf you've successfully completed the course as COMM 186E, you are not permitted to take it again as COMM 105 (you cannot receive credit for the same course twice).

Course credits:

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