COMM 196 - Business Communications I

In COMM 196, you will sharpen your writing, presentation, and interpersonal communication skills. You will leave the course with solid knowledge of writing, public speaking and listening, particularly in business settings. You will research ideas, organize findings, and present information in a logical, audience-focused manner and you will foster your own voice and style. You will gain a better understanding of how to assess the credibility of a source, avoid plagiarism, deliver and receive peer feedback and communicate effectively in a team. COMM 196 is a partner course to COMM 396, which will advance the communications concepts you learn here.

COMM 196 is a dynamic, interactive course that teaches practical communication skills. Class time will include lectures, hands-on speaking and writing activities, small group discussions, and class-wide discussions. The most important element is your active engagement and participation. The more you invest in what happens in each session, the more you will learn and the more others will learn from you.

Note: A minimum grade of 60% is required in this course to fulfill the Business Communications requirement (starting in 22W) of the Faculty.

Course credits:

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