COMM 205 - Introduction to Management Information Systems

Information Technology (IT) has become vital to the products, management, organization, and operation of organizations of every size and in every industry. Those that successfully deploy IT can achieve a significant advantage over their competitors. The ability to use information technology effectively is also a key factor in achieving personal success as a manager. This course is not primarily about technology. Rather, it addresses several inter-related questions about the use of information technology in organizations:

  • How can information systems be used by an organization to achieve an advantage over its competition?
  • How can you use information technology to do your job better and achieve greater success in your career?
  • How has information technology changed the way business and government work, and what further changes are likely in the future?

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • apply IT/strategic frameworks to analyze a business situation and develop a value proposition and revenue model to support the business opportunity.
  • describe the information need of core business operations and discuss how IT can support them.
  • locate information about available IT and analyze their feasibility and impact in a business.
  • generate IT requirements that can support core business operations.
  • plan IT development and implementation.
Course credits:

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