COMM 396 - Business Communications II (formerly COMM 390 Business Writing)

COMM 396 (formerly COMM 390 Business Writing) provides an opportunity to study and practice the forms of writing you will need for a successful career in business. In this course you learn about the distinctive elements of business writing by reading, critiquing, developing, and designing a variety of documents for various audiences. The course is built around four assignments, all of which require planning, researching, and writing a short, professional-quality document. Given the importance of teamwork in business settings, one of the assignments is a group project involving the development of a business proposal. In addition, students complete several in-class activities that focus on realistic business communication situations. Techniques for honing your style and editing skills are also covered. We will use a variety of learning methodologies including lectures, visual aids, case studies, class discussions, self-assessments, feedback, and experiential activities. The most important element, however, is your active engagement and participation.

While the passing grade in undergraduate courses is generally 50%, academic regulations for the BCom program stipulate that in order to qualify for the BCom degree, students must complete the Business Writing course with a minimum grade of 60%.

Learning objectives

This course focuses on improving your skills in gathering, analyzing, and organizing information, and in communicating that information in effective and persuasive business documents. By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • communicate effectively to different audiences using appropriate tone and style.
  • collect, judge and synthesize information from a broad range of sources.
  • prepare a variety of business documents (including memos, letters, emails, and reports) using appropriate headings, layout, and format.
  • support your claims or arguments with logical and persuasive reasoning and evaluate the arguments of others.
  • collaborate productively with others to write and edit documents.

Prerequisite: One of COMM 196, ENGL 112, ASTU 150, WRDS 150, ENGL 100, ENGL 120, ENGL 121, ENGL 1st. Arts One, a minimum of 18 cr. of Coordinated Arts Program.

Note: This course was formerly COMM 390 Business Writing. If you've successfully completed the course as COMM 390, you are not permitted to take it again as COMM 396 (you cannot receive credit for the same course twice).

Course credits:

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