Navigate Your Career Journey

Trying to figure out what type of work interests you? Or maybe you’re wondering what resources can help you achieve your goals?

Career Development Model


No matter where you are in your unique career journey, you can use our career development model to help navigate your personal and professional goals at UBC Sauder and beyond.

The model’s four pillars will do more than help you decide which jobs to apply for while in school or after graduation. They will help you determine where you are right now, where you want to go, what matters to you, and what resources can support you. 

As you move through your unique career journey, you can jump between these four pillars to support your continued personal and professional development. Start exploring the pillars below:

Know Yourself

Looking to gain more clarity on what you want? Get started here. Taking time to understand who you are and what matters to you will help you feel confident in your decisions.

Know Yourself

Tell Your Story

Wondering how to share your skills and experiences with others? Learning how to communicate who you are and your discovered career interests will help you build confidence and make connections.

Tell Your Story

Learn Through Experience

Interested in hands-on experiences to help build your resume? Through different experiences, you’ll develop work-related skills, cultivate relationships, and gain clarity on what you want.

Learn Through Experience

How can I get more support?

Book a career coaching appointment on COOL with a Career Manager or Career Peer Advisor for personalized 1:1 support for all aspects of your career journey.

Book a coaching appointment

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Your Wellbeing

As you navigate your career goals, remember to invest in your wellbeing. This will help you build resilience and feel energized to go after your goals. Take time for rest, do enjoyable activities, celebrate your wins, and leverage your strengths.

UBC provides resources to support your health and wellbeing as a student, including:

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