Careers in Consulting

What's it like to work in consulting?

Consulting careers offer varied, challenging, and well-paid work. This work also provides exposure to different businesses and organizational issues.

While it is a demanding career path with long hours and frequent travel, it gives new graduates valuable opportunities to work on critical issues at all organizational levels. The three main types of consulting are:

  1. Management Consulting (Economics, Business,&Math)
  2. Implementation Consulting (Business, Change Management)
  3. Technology (Computer Science, Management Info Systems)

Often, implementation consulting overlaps with both management and tech consulting.

Consulting positions are in demand by students and new grads, and the recruiting process is competitive. Most Canadian opportunities are in Toronto, with limited roles available in Calgary and Vancouver.

Skill & qualities employers look for

  • Break complex problems into components
  • Generate a creative range of solutions
  • Identify the most attractive solution through logical reasoning
  • Translate analysis into actionable recommendations
  • Effectively communicate solutions
  • Relationship building & networking
  • Critical thinking
  • Presentation skills
  • Grades/GMAT are important (particularly in Big 4&MBB firms)

Check out the Working in Consulting resource below to learn more about this profession.


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Consulting Co-op

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