What do marketers do?

Careers in Marketing allow you to be in the driver’s seat of an organization, steering the success of their products or services. Marketing is a core function of most organizations because it drives profits.

Since all businesses need strategies and processes for marketing their products or services to customers, this path gives you opportunities to work in a range of:

  • Industries
  • Roles
  • Settings

Skill set required

  • Understanding of consumer behaviour
  • Familiarity with sales processes
  • Ability to integrate qualitative & quantitative data
  • Understanding of media platforms
  • Knowledge of current trends & demands
  • Analytical skills
  • Strategic thinking

Working in Marketing

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How do I find jobs in Marketing?

You can find opportunities in many places, including:
  • COOL job postings 
  • Indeed
  • Job postings on company websites
  • Career fairs and company info sessions
  • Connections made through Co-op work terms
  • UBC faculty leads
  • Business Career Centre staff leads
  • Self-networking

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Brand Management Mentorship Program

The Brand Management Mentorship Program (BMMP) is led and delivered by UBC Sauder alumni marketing professionals and facilitated by Professor Tim Silk.

The strength and success of BMMP stems from our team of alumni mentors who have successfully landed some of the most coveted brand management positions in top tier companies, such as Labatt, L'Oreal, Pepsi and Procter & Gamble among others.

BMMP mentors have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to be successful in the interview process as well as on-the-job. Having gone through the process themselves, they can provide insightful feedback on your resume, job-searching, and interview skills.

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