Careers in Operations and Logistics

Employment outlook and opportunities

Operations and Logistics (formerly Transportation and Logistics) is the flow of goods, information, and money throughout an organization and encompasses aspects of finance, marketing, and accounting.

You’ll learn about the efficiency and effectiveness of various:

  • transportation alternatives
  • warehousing and distribution
  • supply chain management and performance
  • inventory measurement techniques

This option is designed to prepare you for careers in logistics functions in manufacturing and distribution firms and government departments at every level as well as with carriers.

Operations and logistics is a widely known and respected field in the United States, and catching on in Canada as companies recognize its impact and potential cost savings.

In Canada, the majority of jobs are on the east coast, although Vancouver is becoming an increasingly important transportation hub given the close proximity to the Pacific Rim. Opportunities for educated graduates in this field are becoming more plentiful every year.

Skill set required

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Political savvy
  • Detail-oriented
  • Negotiation skills
  • Technical savvy
  • Foreign language skills are an asset
  • Critical reasoning
  • Project management skills
  • Strategic sourcing

Working in Operations & Logistics

Check out the Working in Operations & Logistics guide on COOL to discover the endless opportunities available through this career path.

Who hires BCom OPLOG grads?

  • Canadian Enterprise Gas Products Ltd. 
  • Maersk Canada Inc. 
  • Maher Terminals Holding Corp.
  • McKesson Imaging Group 
  • Nestlé Canada Inc. 
  • Pepsi Bottling Co. 
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Provincial Health Services Authority 
  • Schenker Logistics 
  • Shell Canada 
  • GCT: Global Container Terminals 
  • Teck Resources

Start a career in OPLOG

Some potential job titles and future career paths include:

  • Inventory Analyst 
  • Inventory Buyer 
  • Logistics Specialist 
  • Master Delivery Schedule Coordinator 
  • Risk Analyst 
  • Operations Superintendent
  • Supply Chain Coordinator 
  • Supply Planning Analyst 
  • Transportation Analyst

Additional education or certification may be required for some occupations (e.g. completion of association registration, a professional program, or specialized studies).

Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management

A career in this industry can also take you anywhere around the world: businesses today rely on strong supply chain management to compete globally. 

The Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management option is a joint exchange program between the UBC Sauder School of Business, Copenhagen Business School and Chinese University of Hong Kong in Shenzhen. Students participating in this exchange program will get great insight into international supply chain networks that they can leverage in their careers. 

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How do I find jobs in OPLOG?

You can find opportunities in many places, including:

  • COOL job postings 
  • Company job postings
  • Career fairs and company info sessions
  • Connections made through Co-op work terms
  • UBC faculty leads
  • Business Career Centre staff leads
  • Self-networking

Other job sites:

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