COMM 445 - Maritime and International Transportation

This course examines the characteristics and role of shipping services in the design and management of international logistics systems.

International shipping is very important to Canada’s international trade position for that portion not going to the United States of America. In most cases international shipping is arranged and supervised by the other countries since Canada does not have its own ocean merchant marine. Understanding of the shipping concepts and economics is still very important for the accurate pricing of Canada’s export goods. In the case of containers, shipping conferences and cartels operate under a fixed price system. The history and advantages and disadvantages of this uniquely legal combine are also explored in depth. The principles of port management are also discussed.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to think independently but logically about current and prospective issues and developments in international shipping and logistics.

Note: Prior to 2015W, COMM 445 was titled Shipping and International Logistics.

Course credits:

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