COMM 444 - Air Transportation

The course is designed to help the students to learn about the methods of analyzing (a) domestic and international air transport policies, regulation, and deregulation, (b) competition policies affecting air transport industry, (c) airline strategies and management functions including pricing and revenue management, marketing management, network structure, partnership/alliance management, human resource management, and (d) airport strategy and management issues. Although the course materials will focus on airlines and airport management issues, most of the approach and methods taught in this course can be applied to not only to air transport industries such as aerospace, air traffic control, air freight logistics system, but also applicable to other service industries including tourism, telcome and IT industries. The course contributes to the overall objectives of the degree program by developing an understanding of the methods and underlying economics of air transport industry and its players.

Prerequisite: One of COMM 295, ECON 201, ECON 301.

Course credits:

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