COMM 449 - Supply-Chain Management

This course covers the integrated management of production and logistics systems. Through your review of multiple industries and operational challenges, you will also explore the management of inter-organizational relationships in the supply chain, vendor selection, bidding and negotiation processes, as well as partnering and performance measurement.

During this course, you will learn how to save money and create value through the effective management of supply and logistics. This course will explore current topics in operations and logistics across industries. For many firms, operations and logistics represent a critical strategic capability or core competency. Process design, technology choices, cross functional alignment and performance monitoring are key success factors in decision making. Delivering on customer needs in both product and service oriented businesses is dependent on qualitative and quantitative variables optimized to ensure the business offering is delivered to the right place, at the right time while optimizing value for the customer and business.

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course students will:

  • understand the case method and be able to apply the method to real world business problems.
  • develop a tool kit of frameworks for analyzing operations and logistics challenges to identify opportunities, assess options and offer sound recommendations.
  • improve awareness and understanding of customer needs in a variety of industries.
  • understand key terms and concepts commonly used in operations and logistics.
  • be able to speak to common related issues, challenges and opportunities in the following areas:
    • sustainability (Green) operations and logistics
    • commonly applied technology and automation
    • outsourcing logistics
    • human resource and talent management
    • process redesign and change management
    • cross functional/cross firm collaboration
    • performance measurement and key indicators
    • customer focused operations and logistics

Prerequisite: COMM 204

Course credits:

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