Brand Management Mentorship Program

Ever dreamed of managing a top global brand like Pepsi, Kraft or L’Oréal? Are you excited by the idea of launching new products and developing a marketing campaign while managing the long-term image and profitability of a brand? If this sounds interesting to you, then brand management may be the career for you!

Brand management is the culmination of everything you learn in business school. As a brand manager, you run your own brand and business to deliver multi-million dollar results.

Program details

The Brand Management Mentorship Program (BMMP) is led and delivered by UBC Sauder alumni marketing professionals and facilitated by Professor Tim Silk. The strength and success of BMMP stems from our team of alumni mentors who have successfully landed some of the most coveted brand management positions in top tier companies, such as Labatt, L'Oreal, Pepsi and Procter & Gamble among others. BMMP mentors have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to be successful in the interview process as well as on-the-job. Having gone through the process themselves, they can provide insightful feedback on your resume, job-searching, and interview skills.

Program timeline: May - December

Deadline to apply: March

Information session: March
*Please sign up for the session on COOL under workshops.

Please visit the BMMP page to learn more about the program.

Learning outcomes

The program is run by a high caliber group of UBC Sauder alumni who work in Brand Management. By participating in this program, you will be provided with:

  1. Instruction on how to successfully apply for jobs and a chance to interview with top tier consumer packaged goods companies
  2. Brand Management Terminology and Industry frameworks
  3. Personalized feedback on your resume and cover letter
  4. Instruction on how to prepare for Brand Management Interviews
  5. Practice with mock interviews and case interviews


This program is open to BCom students completing their 2nd or 3rd Year (entering 3rd or 4th year) and MBAs. There are two waves to the program, the info below will determine which wave you should apply to:

  • Internship wave (2 years): For students with a graduation date in 2024. This includes BCOMs currently in 2nd year or who are in Co-op or exchange and plan to graduate in 2024 or later. Upon graduation from the internship wave, successful students are invited to participate in the full time wave the following year. Also for those that participated in the full time wave last year.
  • Full time wave (1 year): For students with a graduation date in 2023. This includes MBA students as well as BCOMs currently in 3rd year who will be graduating and looking for full-time roles for 2023.

Program requirements

  • Time commitment: Minimum 75 hours. Full and complete program preparation and attendance is a must.
  • Financial commitment: There is a fee of $750. Candidates who successfully make it to the Toronto rounds will receive $200 for travel/lodging reimbursement and another $200 after they accept an offer.
  • Mentors’ right to terminate program involvement: The program’s long‐term success depends on the quality of students. Mentors reserve the right to terminate your involvement in the program at any time if we do not believe that your level of preparation or likelihood of success is up to par.

How to apply

Please submit your application to COOL (Jobs > Search) and include the following in your application:

  1. Completed BMMP Application & Commitment Form (attached on COOL)
  2. Cover Letter explaining your motivation to join the program and plans for this summer
  3. A 1-page Resume
  4. Unofficial Transcript for all University years (screen capture showing all courses is acceptable)

Where to go for more information?

Questions can be addressed to with subject line stating “BMMP Inquiry”.

Why join BMMP?

"The single greatest decision I made during my undergrad was applying to the BMMP. I was constantly challenged by the mentors to make a stand-out resume and polish my interview skills. It gave me the confidence to reach my potential, as well as build my professional networks." - BMMP mentee

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