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Build your experience and develop new skills with the help of industry professionals through our mentorship or training programs. The style and format of the programs vary. Some are geared at getting you recruitment-ready, others are skills-focused, but all will help you advance your career.


Leading with Confidence Program

Achieve the foundational skills, knowledge, and behaviours of effective leadership through 1-on-1 Leadership Coaching sessions, skills development workshops, and exclusive online learning content.

Who is eligible? BCom students entering Year 2 and 3

Program timeline: September - March

When to apply? March

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Capital Markets Training Program

Find out if a career in the capital markets and investment banking is right for you. Through a series of applied, in-depth training workshops led by finance professionals, you will gain the industry knowledge and technical skills needed to break into this area.

Who is eligible? BCom Year 2 and 3, Co-op, MMs and MBAs

Program timeline: September

Session 1

When to apply? TBD

Session 2

When to apply? TBD

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Case Interview Prep Program

To land a coveted internship or full-time management consulting position you’ll need to excel at case interviews. The Case Interview Prep Program provides you with a ‘toolkit’ for effectively structuring and communicating your thoughts during a consulting interview. The program includes a series of workshops and mock interviews led by an experienced consultant.

Who is eligible? 3rd and 4th Year BCom, MMs and MBAs

Program timeline: October - December

When to apply? September

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Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) Recruitment Program

The CPA Recruit is an annual recruitment campaign where local and national CPA firms hire accounting students and graduates for full-time, summer, or co-op positions. The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre and UBC Accounting Club work together with CPABC to coordinate the campaign and will support you along the way. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Chartered Professional Accountant, this program is for you.

Who is eligible? BCom and DAP students

Program timeline: January - October

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Brand Management Mentorship Program

This intensive, recruitment-focused program aims to help UBC Sauder students land coveted brand management positions with leading companies. The program is facilitated by Professor Tim Silk and led by alumni marketing professionals who share their insights into what it takes to be successful in the interview process and on-the-job.

Who is eligible? BCom students completing their 2nd or 3rd Year (entering 3rd or 4th year) and MBAs

Program timeline: May - December

When to apply? March

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Finance Mentor Program

This program aims to help you explore career opportunities in the finance sector and prepare for summer recruitment. We offer three mentor program streams: Capital Markets, Commercial Banking and Women in Finance. Students are paired with an industry professional and complete a range of activities, including workshops, resume review and interview preparation.

Who is eligible? BCom Year 2 and 3, Co-op, MMs and MBAs

Program timeline: November

When to apply? TBD

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Sales Mentorship Program (SMP)

The SMP is a recruitment-focused partnership with sales and business development professionals to inspire students to explore careers in this industry, develop key contacts through networking events, and improve their sales skills by participating in workshops. Students are paired with leading sales organizations to job shadow and to connect with industry professionals to gain insights into recruitment and career success. 

Who is eligible? 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year BComs, MMs, and MBANs

Program timeline: September – March

When to apply? September

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Executive Mentorship Program

Facilitated by the Commerce Undergraduate Society, the Executive Mentorship Program (EMP) engages senior BCom students in actively developing lasting relationships with industry professionals. As a program participant, you are paired with an experienced business professional, most likely in your option area. During the year you will be given the opportunity to connect with your mentor through a series of one-on-one meetings and EMP events. The mentoring relationship can be formal or casual with room for creativity and fun.

Who is eligible? 3rd and 4th Year BCom students

Program timeline: October - March

Application deadline: September

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Commerce Scholars Program

The Commerce Scholars Program gives you the chance to work as a research assistant under the mentorship of a faculty member. You’ll learn about the research process, design tests to explore your research question and sharpen your critical thinking skills. The program is an excellent foundation for graduate studies and careers in academia and consulting.

Who is eligible? BCom students entering 3rd year, or entering 4th year for Co-op students

Academic requirement: first class average (80%) in 2nd year Commerce courses

Program timeline: September - March

When to apply? February

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Strategy Consulting Mentorship Program

The UBC Strategy Consulting Mentorship Program is run by alumni who work in the strategy consulting industry. The program provides high performing students the opportunity to be interviewed by consulting firms, after successful completion of a mock case.

Who is eligible? 2nd and 3rd year BComs, MBAs and MMs

Program timeline: September - November

When to apply? September

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