Undergraduate Office

The Undergraduate Office (UGO) is the centre of academic advising and support services for undergraduate business students on the UBC Vancouver campus.

Our goal is to help you from the moment you apply to the BCom program until you graduate, and to facilitate the best possible experience for you during your time with us. Visit us with questions about your program. We can direct you to resources to help you succeed and opportunities to enhance your experience. We’re always ready to assist you in navigating student life at UBC.

For the safety of all students, faculty, and staff, our physical office is closed. We are responding to queries through email (bcomquestions@sauder.ubc.ca) and offering online admissions and academic advising appointments. We cannot receive telephone calls at this time.

You'll find many of the answers to your questions about your program—as well as resources and services available to support you—on this site and at students.ubc.ca. We encourage you to start by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still have questions or concerns, please visit our virtual office during business hours to ask a quick question in the chat or schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

Academic advising

Academic advisors are available for one-on-one online advising appointments. Before scheduling an appointment, we recommend that you take the time to review mybcom.sauder.ubc.ca and students.ubc.ca for answers to many frequently asked questions.

Visit our virtual office

Office hours

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: 8:30am-4:30pm PT
Wednesdays: 8:30am-3:30pm PT
Saturdays, Sundays: closed

Virtual office  

Visit our virtual office by clicking the button above. Please use your preferred name only. Do not include your last name or student number as this private information will be viewable to everyone in the Main Room (our virtual reception area, i.e., our “lobby”).  

  • If you have a quick question or you would like to book an advising appointment, select the Raise Hand icon at the bottom of your screen. Do not select Raise Hand more than once as this will move you to the end of the queue. Please wait patiently for one of our team members to respond; they will send a direct message to you in the chat as soon as they are available.
  • If you already have an appointment, please wait for your advisor to move you to their private office for your scheduled one-on-one meeting.

Online request forms

Registration assistance
Drop STT courses
Academic concession
Credit limit increase
Degree credit check
Proof of enrolment and confirmation of program completion letters
International travel support letter

Meet our team

Pamela Lim
Assistant Dean and Director
Gabriela Aragay
Associate Director, Academic Services
Anita Didur
Associate Director, Admissions and Recruitment
Tina Huang
Admissions Advisor
Wally Mitchell
Academic Advisor, Admissions & Recruiting
Susan Reh Bosch
Academic Advisor
Jamie Tooze
Academic Advisor
Sheila D'Souza
Academic Advisor
Craig Kingsep
Academic Advisor
Yana Yablonovskaya
Academic Advisor
Abril Castillo
Academic Advisor
Ann Gilray
International Programs & Awards Advisor
Nicole Kelly
Associate Director, Student Engagement and Development
Lauren Venema
Student Engagement and Development Advisor
Olivia Hauck
Student Engagement and Development Advisor
Andrea Cheng
Communications Coordinator
Colleen Poeta
Program Coordinator, SSE Kenya
Katelyn Huang
Office Manager
Stella Lee
Program Assistant, Large Course Support
Gabriela Delgado
Program Assistant, Large Course Support
Naoki Yamane
Program Assistant


Contact our Student Peer Advisors at bcomquestions@sauder.ubc.ca

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