Undergraduate Office

The Undergraduate Office (UGO) is the centre of academic advising and support services for undergraduate business students on the UBC Vancouver campus.

Our goal is to help you from the moment you apply to the BCom program until you graduate, and to facilitate the best possible experience for you during your time with us. Visit us with questions about your program. We can direct you to resources to help you succeed and opportunities to enhance your experience. We’re always ready to assist you in navigating student life at UBC.

Reasons to visit the UGO

  • You need help planning your courses.
  • You'd like to increase or decrease your course load and you’re not sure whether there are consequences in doing so.
  • You'd like to drop a core COMM or COHR course from your registration and you’re not sure how it may affect your promotion the following year.
  • You’re enrolled in a Credit/D/Fail elective and you’re not sure of its benefits or how it could affect scholarship or academic honours eligibility.
  • You'd like clarification on promotion and advancement requirements, and other academic rules, regulations and policies.
  • You'd like to learn more about opportunities to get involved at UBC Sauder and UBC.
  • You require confidential advising on personal circumstances affecting your academic performance.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • You have a problem, but don’t know where to start to find campus resources and support.
  • You've missed classes or an exam because of illness or an emergency.
  • You have registration questions.
  • You need help choosing your option.
  • You're planning on participating in an exchange program.
  • You want to confirm that you're on track to meet graduation requirements.

UGO team

Pamela Lim
Assistant Dean and Director
Gabriela Aragay
Associate Director, Academic Services
Anita Didur
Associate Director, Admissions and Recruitment
Tina Huang
Admissions Advisor
Wally Mitchell
Academic Advisor, Admissions & Recruiting
Susan Reh Bosch
Academic Advisor
Jamie Tooze
Academic Advisor
Sheila D'Souza
Academic Advisor
Craig Kingsep
Academic Advisor
Yana Yablonovskaya
Academic Advisor
Ann Gilray
International Programs & Awards Advisor
Nicole Kelly
Associate Director, Student Engagement and Development
Lauren Venema
Student Engagement and Development Advisor
Olivia Hauck
Student Engagement and Development Advisor
Andrea Cheng
Communications Coordinator
Colleen Poeta
Program Coordinator, SSE Kenya
Abril Castillo
Office Manager
Stella Lee
Program Assistant, Large Course Support
Gabriela Delgado
Program Assistant, Large Course Support
Katelyn Huang
Program Assistant
Naoki Yamane
Program Assistant

Contact our Student Peer Advisors at bcomquestions@sauder.ubc.ca

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